Lance Reddick: DOWNTON ABBEY Popularity Due To THE WIRE


There are very few shows that can claim to have changed television. HBO’s The Wire is arguably one of them.

Lance Reddick, who played Lt. Cedric Daniels on the acclaimed drama, might be biased when it comes to heaping praise on the series, but it’s hard to argue with his view that The Wire “raised the bar”. He told Zap2It:

“The legacy of “The Wire” is tricky. It changed television in that it set the bar to a whole new level — a level that I think has never been done before.”

Certainly there are other contenders to the throne, but appreciation for The Wire is such that it has arguably become bigger today than it was when it was on the air — much to the frustration of creator David Simon, of course, but you can’t sniff at so much love for a series.

Reddick highlights Oz as another standout series, while suggesting that British period drama Downton Abbey‘s popularity can possibly be part attributed to The Wire‘s legacy:

“In some ways “Oz” revolutionized television but ‘The Wire’ raised the bar. I also think that something like ‘Downton Abbey,’ which is so complex and so rich in characters, in some ways its popularity is possibly due to ‘The Wire.’ People realized that this can be done and that people want to watch.”


Reddick can currently be seen on Fringe, which enters its final season this fall on Fox.

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