Those Who Kill Cancelled? A&E Pulls Series From Schedule, Moves Bates Motel


A&E has pulled the Chloe Sevigny-led drama Those Who Kill from its schedule, with immediate effect, THR confirms.

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The detective series has been yanked from the schedule after two poorly rated episodes. It will be replaced with Bates Motel, which moves back an hour to 10pm. A Bates repeat will air at 9pm.

 those who kill cancelled?

A pull like this is rarely a good sign and is normally followed by cancellation. However, the network is said to like the show and fancies its chances of finding an audience. A new time slot is expected to be ironed out this week. Watch this space.

Keep track of Those Who Kill’s cancellation/renewal fate here.

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    • Joseph Lobosco says

      So let me get this straight, the A&E cable network suits believe people are more interested in watching a prequel tv series based on a 54 year old black and white classic movie thriller that every living person already knows the conclusion of instead of something new, fresh and original? That’s why I don’t watch Hannibal. I already know how it ends. Give me something different to watch.Sheesh

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  1. says

    Love the show put it on another night like friday @ 900pm,, Who cares who goes out on Fridays,, TV today sux,, too many choices and they stink, give this show time,, its different man

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    • says

      Its dark, and does it have to be like all the other cop shows, the demographics are not just for 20-30 year olds,, for god sake put the show back on air Chloe is hot and sexy,,, PR idiots don’t research enough!!!!!!!!!!! give it back to us,, CSI is the same BS every week and look at that stupid show.

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  2. Ceelele says

    Really liking this show …. Love the dark overtones of how normal people in the publics eye are deeply disturbed people ….. That judge is sevigny’s character’s dad … Wanna see how that plays out … Don’t take this away … Give it a chance !!!

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  3. Ashley says

    I am so upset it was pulled!!! I thought it was interesting and could wait for the next episode to air after the second and was let down when it wasn’t on!!! Hope they decide to keep it!

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    • Chernobly says

      I did some research and ‘Those Who Kill’ did not get cancelled, it will no longer be coming on A&E but LMN (Lifetime Movie Network) instead starting March 30th at 10 p.m. so make sure you check your local tv listings just to make sure. Hope this helps and I’m excited because I was extremely upset when it’s been rumors that it got cancelled…good thing I bought the two episodes on Amazon Video Store.

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  4. says

    And BTW, why did you move up Bates Hotel to 1000 pm. Now I look in the paper to see what is on A & E for curisoty, and low and behold look what we have here 4 consecutive Storage Wars repeats,,, ARE U people inept !!! Put the show back on Tuesday night @ 900pm. ( no reason not to ) The little kiddies should be in bed and what they see on thier video games is far more racy.. And put Bates back to 900pm, You know some of have to get up and work for a living.. And no I do not want to record it,,, When A & E first started they had little to offer,, so go back to your think tanks

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  5. Bella says

    I thought it was amazing and it had something that was so new and fascinating. I have to say that both my mom and I were super pissed. I mean it wasn’t only about crime it had things that involved real issues and it pushed boundaries and I loved it. PUT IT BACK ON!

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  6. Jamie says

    I’m so glad there ARE other intelligent viewers out there who can spot a good show with a good storyline, instead of the usual cookie cutter crap that usually floods our screens. Those Who Kill had depth and realism I have only ever seen recently on ONE other show -The Killing and THAT pulled and renewed numerous times. Maybe there’s still hope for this show yet. It was the only show I’ve been excited about in a while.

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  7. josephine says

    I really liked this show. My daughter did also. It had an interesting story line. It was new show that was worth watching. I agree instead of all these repeats but on Those Who Kill. Come on A@E.

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  8. s. vicchy says

    why did they cancel those who kill? it is one of the better shows on tv. it reminded me of the killing which I think was also cancelled. such a shame to lose an excellent program. please rethink your reasoning for the cancellation and bring this show back on tv!!!!!!!

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  9. Kathleen Marinn says

    I whole heartedly agree with all the above who found this show compelling and original. When she killed the brute it was a shock and then satisfying. I am sick of hearing about murderers going to jail for life. There was no doubt that he killed those poor women, so his life is forfeit. Bring back the show. There is so much crap on and repitition and retreaded plots and overdone emotions.

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  10. Dorothy Sargeant says

    I loved the first two episodes, much better than the Bates. A & E sucks……., if they don’t put Those Who Kill back on…..

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  11. BSchelly says

    The first episode was so intense! Amazing thriller! Second episode was boring but I was really looking forward to this new series!

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