JUSTIFIED Boss Talks Keeping The Story Fresh In Season 4


Justified executive producer Graham Yost has teased the upcoming fourth season of the FX series.

In an interview with EW.com, Yost outlined the general plan for Season 4. He revealed that he wants to pull back on repetition while giving meatier storylines to the likes of Art, Tim and Rachel. Yost doesn’t want the show to lose its novelty, and worse still, its emotionality:

Let’s go back to “You’ll Never Leave Harlan Alive.” Our concern about using that song at the end of every season is that it becomes expected, and then it loses its novelty, and then worse, it loses its emotional impact. Similarly, let’s say scenes between Raylan and Boyd. We’ve done so many of them: Raylan comes in hot and knocks Boyd around to get the information, or Boyd comes to Raylan, or Ava comes to Raylan on behalf of Boyd. We might pull back from that in the next season — for a while, not the whole season.

He continued:

We don’t want to repeat ourselves. And we always have goals that we want to include Art [Nick Searcy], Tim Gutterson [Jacob Pitts], and Rachel Brooks [Erica Tazel] more in the stories. The road to hell is paved with good intentions, but I think those characters are fun with Raylan. Obviously Art is, but there’s stuff that’s emerged with Tim and Raylan, and Rachel and Raylan, that’s just fun to watch. And Tim’s always one who just says, “What about this episode, it’s me and Gutterson on the road, or me and Rachel, or let’s get Art out of the office and chitchat in the car.” So we’re all headed in that direction.

Source: EW

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