Joss Whedon on the Problem with Dollhouse..Not Enough Sex!

Still reeling over the news that Joss Whedon‘s pride and joy Buffy is going to be rebooted by a bunch of strangers? Well, I’m not sure this will help much, but Whedon recently spoke to SciFi Now about another one of his former creations – Dollhouse.

The writer and director spoke about where he thinks Dollhouse went wrong and what the show achieved in its two seasons on Fox.

Head past the jump for five Whedon quotes that lay it all out.

Now, I don’t necessarily agree with all that Whedon says here, but here’s it is:

Whedon on Fox ‘not getting’ Dollhouse:

“The situation with Dollhouse was that Fox was trying to get it, but we had come at two different shows, we had done that accidentally, and it got to a point where I didn’t know what I was trying to accomplish, and you can’t go into a story room with that feeling, because it’s already really hard,”

More from Whedon on the difference between Dollhouse and Firefly:

“I remember thinking this is the difference between this and Firefly, because with Firefly, I knew, and here, now I’m not even sure. [Dollhouse] accomplished some of the things I wanted to accomplish. The questions of identity and humanity I thought were out there front and centre, and I’ve heard people respond really well to that, and I’ve heard people say the show even helped them.”

Whedon on what he thinks Dollhouse accomplished:

“I never conceived of a more pure journey from helplessness to power, which is what I always write about, and in that sense I feel we accomplished a lot of it. I do feel that part of what we tried to get at kind of got taken out at the beginning – and it really was more important to how the show would work than I even realised when they took it out – which was sex.”

Whedon on what Dollhouse was supposed to be:

“The show was supposed to be, on some level, a celebration of perversion, as something that makes us unique. Sort of our hidden selves. You can talk about your hidden selves and identity, but when you have to shoot each other every week, you get a little bit limited. The show was supposed to flip genres every episode, and the moment we did that, they shut us down and said, ‘Quickly, have someone shoot at someone’.”

Whedon on why he wanted more sex in Dollhouse:

“I feel when we had to take sex out of the equation, it became kind of a joke or almost unsettling. Because we couldn’t hit it head-on – and so much of our identity is wrapped up in our sexuality, and this is something Eliza [Dushku] was talking to me about, as something she wanted to examine before I even came up with the idea,”

Whedon on why less sex limited the show:

“To have that sort of excised and marginalised and sanitised, and not to be able to hit on the head what they were doing, made the show a little bit limited and a little bit creepy at times. I think we still did some fairly out-there stuff, and I’m proud of what we did, given the circumstances, but with those circumstances, it was never really going to happen the way it should have.”

From what I recall, Dollhouse had a fair amount of sex. It sounds like he wanted to push the envelope further, but I’m not sure that was the problem. I just find it strange that Whedon doesn’t seem to accept any of the negative blame for Dollhouse, given that he signed the contract with Fox. Although in fairness, maybe he has done in an interview that I’ve missed?

via: SciFi Now

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  1. Page 48 says

    DH suffered from a number of things, but I’m pretty sure lack of sex wasn’t one of them. The first season, as I recall, was ALL about sex. The Dollhouse, after all, was an escort service for the rich and dateless. Even Victor knew it was all about sex, what with his chronic man-reaction problem.

    Adelle knew it was all about sex, when she hired the aforementioned Victor for some home-schooling. Even Topher got his crush on with Summer Glau.

    And, who can forget (tho not for lack of trying) Ballard shagging his next-door-active?

    DH didn’t get interesting until they flushed the sex out of it in Season 2, by which time it was already too late.

    I think Joss needs to hire a doll for the weekend and get it out of his system. Then come back to the table and wow us with something really cool if he’s still got it in him.

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    • says

      Your post brings it all flushing back. The more I think about it, the more I wonder whether Whedon was watching the same show I was?

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