Jon Favreau Talking About A REVOLUTION


Speaking at this week’s press tour, Revolution pilot director Jon Favreau touched on the adventure’s character-driven focus in addition to its ongoing mythology:

“With this show, the laws of physics seem to have changed. So, while there‚Äôs an underlying mystery with an internal logic to it, we still want to make it about the people and the emotion.”

Favreau went onto speak about the inspirations behind the show, one of them being Lord of the Rings, and how he initially struggled to see the comparison but was soon won over when he envisaged the sword fights and the show’s simpler, more brutal interpretation of the world.

As you’d expect, the acclaimed director also spoke about the look of the show and how it “is just as much of a character as the people that are saying the words.”

So far it looks and sounds like Revolution has most bases covered and its encouraging to hear the people behind the show talk so thoughtfully about its numerous aspects and complexities without dismissing the serialized element that appears to be in its DNA.

Source: Collider

Revolution premieres Monday, Sept. 17 on NBC

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