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John William Ferrell was given birth to in the year 1967 July 16th and has been involved with acting, comedy, producing and also as a writer. John William’s popularity rose during the 90’s after he featured on the “Saturday Night Live” (NBC) in which he won an Emmy Award, and then appeared in several other movies that were involved with comedy. He has appeared on movies like: “The Anchorman 2”, “Talladega Nights”, “The Other Guys”, and have played similar roles in each of them.

John William and Adam McKay both co-write a comedy and also own a website “Funny Or Die” for comedy in the year 2007.Aside from the aforementioned movies, he has also featured in several others such as: “The Lego Movie”, “Blades”, “Elf”, and several others.

john william ferrell height

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John William Ferrell popularity in the Hollywood entertainment industry has become popular, with him and some other comedians (Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, and Jack Black) considered among the lead comic actors of his generation. He has won two nominees for Golden Globe Award for his performance on “Stranger than Fiction” and “The Producers” both in the year 2006 and 2005 respectively.

He recently became a Hollywood walk of famer after receiving a star and also was listed as the best comic actor during the British “GQ” yearly awards for men.

 John William Ferrell Age and Nationality

Birth Name

  • John William Ferrell


  • Johnny, Jo

Date of birth

  • 1967 July 16th


  • Cancer

Place of Birth

  • Irvine, California (United States)


  • United State of America

john william ferrell weight

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How Tall is John William Ferrell – John William Ferrell Height, Weight, Age and Full Body Measurement

Body Build Type

  • Average

Height Measurement

  • 190 cm

Weight Measurement

  • 90 kg

Shoe Measurement

  • 9 (US)

Hair color

  • Brown

Eye Tint

  • Blue


  • Straight


  • Roy Lee Ferrell (Father)
  • Betty Kay (Mother)


  • White


  • Christian


  • Actor, comedian and writer



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