JJ. Abrams Goes Undercover Cop With ALIAS Producer For ELECTROPOLIS TV Drama


JJ. Abrams is re-teaming with Alias producer Ken Olin for a new undercover cop drama for the CW, The Hollywood Reporter confirms.

Electropolis is a one-hour drama that focuses on the after-hours Los Angeles and the young people who live their lives after most are asleep. The name is seemingly inspired by the electronic music featured in the show.

Olin would direct and executive produce, along with Abrams and  Bryan Burk. The project hails from Bad Robot and Warner Bros. TV.

Abrams’ previous ‘undercover-related’ series, Undercovers, was cancelled by NBC after one season and an all too late mythology kick. Electropolis sounds like a different kind of show, but we’ll keep an eye on any developments.

Other seriable potential Abrams projects currently in the pipeline include a futuristic robot cop show with Fringe showrunner J.H. Wyman at Fox and a super-powered series with Alfonso Cuarón at NBC.

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  1. Page 48 says

    Should be welcome news for Ken Olin. I’m sure “Brothers & Sisters” paid the rent for a few years, but sheesh! That said, cop shows are way down the list on my must-see-TV list (possibly playing footsie with those shows about The Mob).

    Hopefully, today’s news item just ‘forgot’ to mention the sci-fi mystery box angle. That’s what puts the Bad in Bad Robot, after all.

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