JERICHO Producer On Potential Netflix Revival: ‘We’d Be Ecstatic’


Rumblings of a possible Jericho revival on Netflix continue with the serial’s co-EP Karim Zreik saying “we’d be ecstatic if that happened.”

Early this month reports surfaced that streaming giant Netflix were in negotiations with CBS to bring back cult favorite Jericho, which starred Skeet Ulrich and Lennie James.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter about the prospects of this happening, Zreik said he is game for it, and hinted that the original cast would also be interested:

“We’d be ecstatic if that happened. From what I hear, sides are talking. I wish I knew more. As you know, the fan base of that show were incredible, and they’ve all started reaching out since this report came out. It’s exciting, and I know the cast is excited too.”

Jericho, which was canceled in 2007 before it was brought back for a final 7-episode season on the back of incredible fan support, followed the residents of a small Kansas town in their struggles survive a nuclear attack.

In terms of story ideas for a potential third season, Zreik said that would not be a concern as they have plenty of stories to tell:

“Story-wise, [Jericho] has been living on in the comic book world. It’s all the writers from the series, led by Dan Shotz. We’ve done three issues already. Story-wise, we’ve got ample story to tell, that’s not a concern. I think we’re just waiting to see if a deal can be brokered.”

It’s still very much early days and it could all come to nothing, but it’s encouraging to hear that there’s still more Jericho story to tell, and that the original creative team and possibly the cast would be interested if the Netflix/CBS talks come to fruition. We’ll of course keep you updated on the possible Jericho revival.

Source: THR

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