JERICHO Netflix Season 3 Update — Could Series Mount A Nuts Return?

Jericho Netflix Season 3 Update

Rumors of a Jericho revival have been hot for some time now, just last May there were reports that Netflix and CBS were in talks over a possible third season comeback.

In the latest will it/wont it update, Jericho creator Stephen Chbosky revealed during a chat with Nerdacy that talks remain ongoing:

You know William Morris Endeavor Agency, who represents me, [executive producer] Jon Turteltaub and many other people, and they’ve been talking to Netflix and you never know. I can’t say what it will be in season 3, but I’m excited for the new developments.


What would Jericho Season 3 look like?

As for where would the story go if the series did return for a third season? Chbosky said:

“Well, if you really, really want to know about season 3, the best thing would be to read the comics. That tells a better story.”

That might be a bit of deflection there from Chbosky, but it could also imply that the comics would provide the template for any potential third season under his watch. Such a continuation would be interesting for all sorts of reasons, not least because it would provide the opportunity to have a built-in road map whilst allowing the show to go off in its own direction, ala The Walking Dead.

Of all the seriables touted to return, Jericho is one of those that makes the most sense, under the right circumstances. Despite a miraculous second season renewal after the show was initially cancelled, the story — at least on-screen — feels ripe for continuation.

While it’s best not to get hopes up too much, sometimes the seriable universe can surprise you (just look at The Killing). We’ll keep you updated on any developments.

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  1. Scott Jenkins says

    I sure am happy to see talks are still being held! 😀
    It’d be great to get a bit more of the show on Netflix. Though, Lennie James seems quite busy these days. Should I be worried for the sake of his character?

    Anyone know if I could read the comics online? I’ve seen them for sale on a few sites, but always for more money than I’d be willing to pay for them >_>

    Well-loved.: Thumb up 23

    • stephenT says

      i am delighted that the show might come bak. i ave been waiting 4 this show to come back for i don’t no how long.

      Well-loved.: Thumb up 16

      • zach says

        It stopped in 2006; a Holt that has continued for 8 years, easy more then enough time to get it going again!

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  2. ed says

    Lennie James came out like 3 months ago saying he was ready and willing to go on with jericho and wouldnt have a problem making it work ( He is the voice for the cast to bring back the show) Skeet ulrich might be the biggest question mark and no skeet no show so

    Well-loved.: Thumb up 18

  3. lukas says

    I would really like Jericho to come back. Next year I got addicted to the show I just really want it back…!!!!!!!!!!

    Well-loved.: Thumb up 26

  4. Ollie says

    WOW!!! Jericho rocks…the actors are very colorful, it’s full of ongoing action and the plots are original and super addictive. I sure hope something is worked out with Netflix and CBS. Hated to watch the final episode, but it is done now and I already miss it. Please try and get Skeet and Lennie back on board. They are great together. Both great actors, know how to make it real. JUST DO SOMETHING!!!
    Hopeful in Klamath Falls, OR

    Well-loved.: Thumb up 21

  5. Tav-El says

    I just started rewatching the series on Netflix. I am so hopeful for a return. I only found this article to read up on what might have been as I do with other dearly missed shows from seasons past. I had no idea that they had written comics or that a live-action revival was even in the cards.

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  6. Aaronky says

    For the love of god and all that is holy, plzzzzzzzzzz continue jericho!!! Everyone loves the show, stop with the chit chat and get to filming, you will be praised! Plzzzzzzzzz and thank you.

    Well-loved.: Thumb up 19

  7. Karen Robertson says

    Got hooked on this show at Easter this year. Just finished watching the 2 seasons worth… Hope this show continues!

    Like: Thumb up 8

  8. James says

    I really hope it comes back. I saw this and jumped up and down! One of the best TV series’ I’ve seen!

    Well-loved.: Thumb up 12

  9. Cheryl Morris says

    I started watching Jericho yesterday…have not been able to stop..any free moment I have. It iis an excellent, well written series and completely current..believable..and most of all engaging. Seriously tired of all the reality shows that are “NOT” so well written..hopefully everyone realizes they “ARE” written and not real. I for one can hardly stand to have my intelligence assaulted by those writers. Revolution comes close…however..sad to say..the violence and situational scenes do not seem to draw me in as much as Jericho. Few series are so engaging that you literally forget what is happening in your life…I really hope season 3 happens.

    Well-loved.: Thumb up 25

    • zach says

      I just got done with its season 2; pist there was no season 3, so as do I! It needs to come back and finish what it started! A nearly 8 year delay is bull!!

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  10. Stephanie says

    I just finished watching Jericho. I loved it!!! Now I have to figure out how to get the comic books. Please, please bring it back!!

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  11. james says

    Loved Jericho series. I have only followed 2 T.V series, since Seinfield. Honestly Jericho could of been great. It had great actors other then “Jake”. Jake -actor was OK, but not the person for his role

    Like: Thumb up 2

  12. james says

    I recommend letting “Jake” stay in Texas, or kill him off and replace him with a man. Zeeks acting was lowsy, talked like napolean dynamite. Walked like a scared 14 year old. emilies fiance Roger should come back. Take Jakes role

    Like: Thumb up 1

  13. Big Fan says

    Jericho is amazing! I need it to come back! But it needs Jake and Robert. Which means I really hope Jericho will be brought back with Skeet and Lennie! I need my Jericho!

    Well-loved.: Thumb up 11

  14. Jamie says

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE bring Jericho back to live-action!!! I just started watching the show on Netflix and literally just finished the series within a 7-day period. I was that addicted. I get that way with good books and good shows. And Jericho, my friend, is a GREAT show! And I want more Jake-Emily!!! I love them and am a sucker for a good romance. :) I am sure glad they are talking about bringing it back!! That’s made my day!! Just please bring it back with Skeet and Ashley and Lennie!!

    Well-loved.: Thumb up 12

  15. Cherlyn Griffin says

    Would really like to see the show.come back, I have been watching this show on my amazon prime account for the last the days and would really like to see it come back!!!!!!

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  16. Keith Barbo says

    I have to agree with all of the above….Hands down one of the best shows ever to be created….I think the reason it may have failed is due to poor marketing–I do not ever remember hearing about the show. In fact, I ran across it on Netflix and couldn’t stop watching it…We all know and love the characters so it is important that we try to retain those stars—I for one would promote the series to family and friends–most people I know or who I have introduced to the series had not heard of it until I recommended to them on Netflix–No one has come away disappointed–bring it back…You will not be sorry.

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  17. Michell says

    My husband and I watched season 1 and 2 for the first time on Amazon. We were devastated to find out that was where it stopped. It was a perfect end of the day distraction after a long day at work. We would love to see a “COME BACK”. The story line was gripping and the characters were easy to love or hate (well, maybe dislike a whole, whole lot!!! LOL). This show was incredibly well casted and directed. Pleasssssse, Return. PLzzzzzzzzz:)

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  18. owen maskey says

    i’ve just watched season 1 and 2, i then searched on amazon for season 3 but it was nowhere to be seen, i’m devastated surely there should be a season 3 to show the civil war and what happens.Don’t just leave us on a cliffhanger PLEEEEASE!

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  19. Chris says

    Would love to see this come back with another series! Stumbled across this on Netflix and best series I have seen!

    Like: Thumb up 7

  20. Lorrie says

    We just finished Season 2 and did not realize there were no other seasons coming. We are very disappointed and even more so after reading there won’t be more at this point. I do not want to read a “comic book.” That is just not the same as watching the series. So hope this changes and we see more episodes coming back. I really hate it when you start watching something so good and then it is cancelled, usually for nonsensical stuff. So hope they bring it back.

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  21. JMDinOKC says

    Jericho was great but questionable. It wouldn’t take 27 (or whatever) nuclear bombs to collapse the US. Look what happened right after 9/11. And did we really need the conspiracy? Wouldn’t life be chaotic and dangerous enough without it? Also, what’s going on in the rest of the world? If the US suddenly vanished from the world stage, would it be business as usual for everyone else? I don’t think so. The sudden destabilization of the precarious geopolitical balance would probably cause chaos and catastrophe around the world. Finally, don’t you think a lot of Mexicans would want to take back what was taken from them a while back? Like maybe TEXAS and CALIFORNIA for starters? Lots of loose threads there.

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  22. witchkitty says

    Got seriously addicted to Jericho watching Netflix a couple of weeks ago. The story got left hanging so badly, it begs to be continued! But I agree with previous posters…no Skeet and Lennie, no show. Their characters & story lines became the main part of the series.

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  23. Leanna says

    My boyfriend introduced ne to Jericho and wr spent 3 straight nights watching. It on Netflix. Needless to say we were very tired the few days as we got little sleep it was so addicting. Please bring it back good shows are harder and harder to find. Love all the characters and the values the town of Jericho protrays. Great heroa Skeet and Lennie

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  24. fernando says

    venga jericho de vuelta estoy ansioso por saber si se hara es una buena razon para que la gente siga inscrita en nexflix

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  25. Loren says

    Need to bring Jericho back it’s not complete yet, you definitely need to bring it back….Can’t wait to see Season 3 my 9 year old and I are anxious to see it.

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  26. says

    This show is incredible. Not news to anyone on here. But one can’t just take a story away when people are in the middle of it. It’s almost like losing a friend. That sounds ridiculous but I miss it. They should make many more seasons, a movie would be fun too. But they need to keep the same actors.

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  27. Joy A says

    I stumbled across this series while cruising Amazon tv. Devoured the entire series in three sittings, watching episode after episode back-to-back — and I NEVER do that! I cancelled cable TV because the offerings were so crappy. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do Season 3, and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep Skeet and Lennie!

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  28. Elizabeth says

    I’m so happy to hear that there are talks about a season 3. My husband and really enjoyed the first two season.

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  29. Sheepdogpatriot says

    Please bring back a 3rd season! You can’t have them raise a Gadsden flag preparing us for a full blown revolution and then just leave us hanging! Awesome show! Been on leave and I sat and watched both seasons every episode back to back it was just awesome! Bring the revolution on! The cats out the bag now bring the battle on!

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  30. iMerz says

    I love this tv show all seasons 1 & 2. Please, I want more seasons and I am really interesting and good series tv. Please beg more next 3 Seasons or more!!

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  31. Nesto Medina says

    Its the most realistic show i have ever seen and I love it !
    hope they do bring it back I will be a faith full fan and all my friend and family love watching it
    also that must be at least 50 or 60 people and if we loved it how many other must love watching it
    especially on cable where you can monitor how many people watch it!

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  32. Nesto Medina says

    Its the most realistic show i have ever seen and I love it !
    hope they do bring it back I will be a faith full fan and all my friend and family love watching it
    also that must be at least 50 or 60 people and if we loved it how many other must love watching it
    especially on cable where you can monitor how many people watch it! three days also watching the whole series!

    Like: Thumb up 4

  33. Damaris Cardona says

    OMG I would so love for Jericho to come back . I am soooo addicted to it. The story line is awesome and I hope all the characters come back. I just love it!!!!!

    Like: Thumb up 4

  34. Ben says

    I couldnt believe the last episode and no more!>!>!>??? You guys have to finish it. Thats gonna kill me if you dont. Im not reading comic books to finish the story

    Like: Thumb up 3

  35. Mary says

    This series is absolutely awesome. Every episode is full of action. The story line is fantastic…each episode leaves you begging for more. Please, please bring back Jericho with Skeet Ulrich and the rest of the cast. This beats anything that is presently on TV…cannot understand why it was ever cancelled.

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  36. Scott says

    About 2 years ago I had a nasty case of the flu. I stumbled across this show and watched it straight through in 2 days. Even though I still had Netflix I bought the box set. A show this good needs to be in any DVD collection! So now Anytime I’m sick this show is just as important as Tylenol and Campbell’s chicken noodle soup! I have faith in the show being revived. It already happened once, maybe loyal fans can bring it back a 2nd time! …just no nuts this time. Lol

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  37. Glenn says

    If CBS does not pick this up, AMC should consider. The post apocalypse scene is similar to The Walking Dead, although it is not full of zombies, it would draw the attention or grab those type of viewers. I love the show and hope very well they do bring it back for a 3rd Season, the comic books to me where too short.

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  38. says

    This is one of the 3 shows that I watch on Netflix (Prison Break and The Walking Dead) and I would be devastated if they couldn’t bring Jericho back.

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  39. Daze says

    Oh I hope they bring it back!!! I just finished the series 2 weeks ago and am having serious withdrawals!! I’m bout to send some nuts out in the mail.

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  40. Cassandra says

    I can’t wait for Jericho to return with season 3! It is a great series and my entire household ages from 11-44 are very intrigued by it. We are big fans and want to see it come back ASAP!

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  41. Iain Rooney says

    I watched Jericho when it came out in 2006 And was hooked immediately and when it got canceled the first time I was devastated but when it came back on in 2008 I was so happy. Now I’ve watched it over 10 times probably more on Netflix so if they could bring it back so many people would be happy !!! Lennie and skeet have to get on board and get this project in motion ASAP !!!!!!!

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  42. Chris Aguilar says

    Just started to watch Jericho about two months ago on Netflix, didn’t know about it being cancel or that it had being cancel before but if it got me hook on to the story line and the characters after almost five years of it being cancel, I would think that there is hope for this show to drop on not only third seasons but also the remanding 3 seasons as well, this is a great series and I would like to see the end of it all, I’m sure I’m not the only one that feels that way, so it will be awesome if they could get down to it with netflix and all, I’m sure it won’t be a waste of time or money because with as many members Netflix got I’m sure there is plenty of people wanting more out of these series. So long hope one day soon we get to see some more Jericho.

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  43. David says

    I just finnished season one and will begin season two. I can say I would be thrilled to have the story continue beyond it’s eventual conclusion. I have been watching it on Amazon prime, but I have both netflix and Prime for thier emerging original content. The house of cards on Netflix was great and Orange is the new black is enjoyable. It’s exciting to see the futute of TV devlope all over again for my generation. The Tv version of ZombieLand had allot of potential if the writing was better.

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  44. Andy says

    This show had been my favorite until The Walking Dead aired. Look at the success that show has found. I think the problem with “Jericho” was bad timing and poor marketing. Every year the networks air lame shows with no guts or glory. Every year they try some thing to see if anyone will like it. We are telling you, viewers liked this show and even more will watch it if you bring it back.

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  45. Chris clancy says

    How the hell is season 3 not been made this show is a blockbuster. Been watching it constantly on netflix the last two weeks to find season 3 was cancelled. Someone needs to get the finger out and market it better as I like many wouldn’t have known about it had it not been for netflix. Out of all the shows out there none compare to Jericho. Hands down best series I’ve ever watched. How come its always the good shows that get marketed wrong and get cancelled and all the crap waste of time ones air for so long it’s just wrong like. Bring it back for Christ sake and look at these comments it will be a smash hit

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  46. Nicole says

    I can’t believe it I’m so happy Jericho is coming back!!! I can’t wait to see the New and awesome season 3!!

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  47. Molly Shea says

    Just watched the first season and what they had into the second season, and I would love to see more! Along with the walking dead, lost and heroes…one of my new favorite series!

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  48. Laz says

    I’m a big fan of Jericho….I’m re watching seasons 1 and 2….I would love to see the show come back and go on….I’d hate to send another big bag of peanuts. ….I’m happy to say I was one of 1000s that took part in sending peanuts…Jericho fan 4 life……..

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  49. Steven says

    Man, they have to bring this series back! found it by accident on net flix, caught up through season 2, went searching for info regarding the start of season 3 and found out it was cancelled. Best series out there on tV. they would cancel the good ones, probably because its possible, future reality drama in the real world. Loved the series, please revise it.

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  50. greg says

    Why start something you can’t finish? I just don’t understand, by far the best series ever!, let’s get everyone all hyped up and addicted,then…… psych!, no more jericho series,no wait,there is a comic book,lol,I stopped reading comics 20 years ago,I hate to read!, read enough in my life I want to watch!,as I see mamy others do!

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  51. Joleen Kennedy says

    I would really like Jericho to come back. I am addicted to this show. I love all of the actors and actresses. I lov3 the plot and the settings. This is the best show that I have seen in a long time.

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  52. mandees85 says

    bring it back please, could be crossover very easily to the war or make it start like
    “after 10 years of civil war”, something similar to terminator style, they worked nicely even with delayed timing

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  53. Patrica Patterson says

    OMG I can not believe I started a new addicting series that only had two seasons. I laughed cryed and screamed the whole time i watched. And I loved how It was family safe i mean alot of blood shed but no cursing or nudity I could watch in front of my kids and not fear what they may see. There was a minute i wasnt drawn into the show I think i watched it in like 3 days. So hope they do a return with a season 3

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  54. Ian says

    Hmmm – the speculation with Jericho has been bubbling under for a few years now. Is there any real movement on reviving this show? Best thing of its kind that I’ve seen since the original UK BBC 70’s show ‘Survivors’. Much longer and the stars will be too old to reprise their roles.

    Several posters have commented that the cancellation was due to bad marketing and transmission in the ‘graveyard’ timeslot. Too many great shows have been cancelled before their time (Firefly, Sarah Connor Chronicles, Dollhouse, etc.), for similar reasons. Glad to see that The Walking Dead managed to buck the trend and is still going strong.

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  55. boris says

    Jericho is the best. Its better than walking dead, falling skies modrrn family and all those. Theyare good but not as good as JERICHO

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  56. Barbara Alber says

    Just finished seeing Jericho Seasons 1 and (short) 2! Would love to see a follow on Season 3 as we were left hanging with the prospect of civil war looming and the future of the US! Hopefully, it will be made.

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