JERICHO: Lennie James ‘Definitely Interested’ In Return


Last month it was reported that Netflix were in talks with CBS over a possible revival of the cult serial Jericho, in part due to the popularity of the show on the streaming giant’s digital platform. Now, Jericho alum Lennie James has confirmed his interest in a possible return.

James, who played Robert Hawkins in the post-apocalyptic tale, told Digital Spy that he’d “definitely be interested” in reprising his role, if the show found a viable way to return.

Lennie seems to cherish his time playing Robert Hawkins and says he’d love to dive back into the world of Jericho:

“I’d love to hang out with all those guys again and get back into that character.”

He also speaks of having “loyalty” to the show, which is interesting and not something you hear very often in the transient world of Hollywood. Of course, the proof is always in the doing, but it certainly sounds as though James would be game for returning if the stars aligned for what would be Jericho‘s second revival.

Last month, Jericho EP Karim Zreik said he’d be “ecstatic” if Jericho were to return for what would be a third season. He also said the show has plenty of story potential left untapped:

“Story-wise, [Jericho] has been living on in the comic book world. It’s all the writers from the series, led by Dan Shotz. We’ve done three issues already. Story-wise, we’ve got ample story to tell, that’s not a concern.”

We’ll keep our ears to the ground and let you know if were hear anything more about Jericho‘s potential return.

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