Jeffrey Reiner Closes In On Wonder Woman Pilot; Bad Sign For The Event?

News is that Jeffrey Reiner, director and producer on NBC’s The Event, is closing in on the director’s gig for the peacock’s Wonder Woman reboot.

This leaves us with two questions:

1. Is Reiner the right man for the Wonder Woman job? Feel free to let us know your thoughts, particularly in light of somewhat worrying premise that David E. Kelley has lined up.

2. Does this provide a clue on how optimistic the powers that be are over the upcoming Event episodes? I ask, because in the most recent deleted scenes video, Reiner seemed fairly resigned to the likelihood that there wouldn’t be any further flashbacks in the series. If the producers were planning beyond this season, I’d think the show would very much look to incorporate more flashbacks. (though far more effectively, one would hope).

At the end of the day it will depend on live ratings. If enough people tune in the show will survive. But you sometimes get revealing messages from movements like this (though it’s likely that Reiner will see out his duties on this season of The Event as Wonder Woman is in its very early stages). Remember when David Goyer left his role as executive producer of FlashForward a little over a year ago?

Don’t freak-out yet Event fans, movements like this happen all the time, but the show’s future rests on the returning clutch of episodes from March 7th.

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  1. Inter-dimensional Dave says

    I remember one iconic “girl walks out the surf” scene from “The Event” where the camera lovingly follows Sarah Roemer back to her beach blanket. It was early in the series or it might have been a flashback. Either way, Reiner (if he directed this episode) apparently understands the female form as it was beautifully shot. This gives me hope to a series dealing with Wonder Woman as the lead figure. Maybe Reiner is the right guy.

    Naturally NBC spoiled the shot by running one of those animated promo things at the bottom of the screen. If I was Roemer I would’ve been pretty ticked off. It ruined the shot.

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