Jack Bender Talks ALCATRAZ Renewal Chances & Why LOST Finale Did Him Proud


Alcatraz director and executive producer Jack Bender gives his thoughts on the show’s renewal chances and why the first season only scratches the surface.

With FOX yet to renew Alcatraz for a second season, Bender isn’t overconfident that the show will return:

“I don’t think anybody (with the production) is overconfident that we’re coming back. We’re not a sure thing. I know Fox really loves our show, but there are a lot of factors to weigh. I think some of it will be tied to how much they believe in the potential of the show.”

On the seriability of the show and where it could go if given more time:

“It’s a very unique concept and it’s not easy to get it right. You don’t want to be just the criminal-of-the-week series, and yet, you don’t want to be the serialized mystery where no one figures anything out. In a sense, we’ve had to do two shows: One, a catch-the-bad-guy procedural set in the present, and the other a really strange, Edgar Allan Poe-ish Alcatraz world of the past. … We’re just beginning to find out how deep the show can go. I hope we get the opportunity to keep digging.”

Bender also reflected on the ‘controversial’ LOST finale, which saw many of the show’s burning questions go unexplained:

“I still stand by it. I’m very, very proud of it. I love the universe that our show ended in. It was much more about the human dimension and a much more emotional, spiritual thing, as opposed to a wild plot twist … I believe it made those of us who embraced it think more about our own lives and destiny than any kind of clever or cute ending would have.”

Source: Pasadena Star News

The 2-hour Alcatraz finale premieres Monday, March 26 @8/7c. You can watch the sneak peeks here.

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  1. Jamie Cohen says

    Although initially a bit disappointed in the LOST ending, (I don’t know what the heck I was expecting), I have grown to love it more and more. What those people went through together is like nothing anyone else could understand. I worked for an airline for 20 years and all of us that worked there went through a lot together. No matter how much time passes, if there is a death, we all come from where ever we are to be together. I told my one of my LOST friends that I am going to flip if we end up in a church waiting for each other when we all die! It’s that kind of pull that made for such a great ending to this incredible show.

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  2. Shayla McCabe says

    I think that they would defiantly need to air a season 2 left it off in a question. Just because the ratings on the TV are not as high lots of people watch it on the internet. Not really a TV person but i really LOVE this show. Always keeping you interested

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  3. says

    Please Renew Alcatraz for a couple more Seasons.

    I am looking forward to seeing who comes back, who they go after next and will Rebacca Madson be back.

    Also what happened to the warden, the Guards, and the Rest of the Inmates.

    You can’t leave a series go like that. Not even haft way done and you canceled it. That is not right.

    I love watching it to find out who will come back next and I will be waiting for the next season to be aired this year.

    Can you please find a way to make it happen. Thanks.

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