Intelligence Cancelled Or Renewed For Season 2?

Patient Zero

Intelligence Cancelled or Renewed?

Official Status: Intelligence cancelled by CBS after one season.

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Intelligence got off to a great ratings start for CBS, ranking as the most watched series premiere of the season, before sliding sharply in the second episode.


  • March 13Intelligence was not among the first wave of shows renewed for the 2014-15 season.

Intelligence Season 1 Ratings

Episode18-49 Key DemoViewers (millions)
1.01 Pilot2.416.5
1.02 "Red X"1.26.20
1.03 "Mei Chen Returns"1.15.77
1.04 "Secrets of the Secret Service"1.56.84
1.05 "The Rescue"1.57.55
1.06 "Patient Zero"1.37.12
1.07 "Size Matters"1.25.72
1.08 "Delta Force"1.25.35
1.09 "Athens"1.25.27
1.10 "Cain and Gabriel"1.36.53
1.11 "The Grey Hat"1.15.27
1.12 "The Event Horizon"1.14.99
1.13 "Being Human"1.25.55

TV Ratings are ©2014 The Nielsen Company. All Rights Reserved.

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  1. Page 48 says

    Cancelled or Renewed? I’m okay either way. This show suffers from the same lack of ambition that plagues “Almost Human”. I’m prepared to get involved in these shows, but there (so far) is nothing to get involved in.

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    • carr says

      i love this show. the cast is amazing, and we’re just getting into it. its written like every other typical network show that has to beg to get instant ratings instead of giving it time to find its feet. if it gets another season i’m sure it will have the chance to go a bit slower, endear you to these amazing characters and we will all fall in love with each one of them and sit on pins and needles as they solve their weekly crisis. i’m looking forward to seeing it next season!!!

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    • Emma says

      Almost human and intelligence are both amazing shows that need to be renewed for more seasons. I for one fell in love with these two shows after watching the first episode and have been fully invested ever sense.

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      • Amanda says

        I agree I just loved both intelligence & almost human I’m very disappointed to find out they have both been cancelled :( neither one of those shows were given a fair chance :(

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  2. Unwatchable says

    This show is complete unwatchable. I made it through the first 10 minutes of the pilot and changed the channel. The techno mumbo-jumbo used in the show is laughable, as well as his capabilities. In one episode PJ Brynes character is tasked with hacking some bad guy and he is quoted as saying “I can’t but he [Gabby] can.” Gabby is Delta Force he is not a computer hacker the chip doesn’t make him a super hacker, it just gives him WiFi. So how is it that Gabby can hack it but the guy that is sitting at a computer cannot?

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    • says

      Looks like this wont get picked up and the crap that is Helix will. I give up. No more American shows for me until at least season twelve. :)

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    • payattention says

      It dosent just give him wifi. It gives him instant access to all information. INCLUDING “how to hack 101”. Remember, he can get an “app” and instantly speak chinese. Or do kung fu. etc. etc.

      For you it`s unwatchable because you have the attention span of a monkey :)

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      • MICHAEL says


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  3. Caio Alves says

    Renewed, please. I’m from Brazil. I’m watching Intelligence an say: “It’s very good!” Remember serie Fringe sometimes. Josh Holloway is very good and Meghan Ory is perfect. Unhapyness, you, north americans, watch only CSI e others series not need think. I and others brazilian just want of intelligence renewed. Just!

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  4. Pginny says

    Hopefully it gets renewed! It is struggling in the ratings since it premiered on a Tuesday night and when it is put on a Monday night at 10pm I’m sorry but I tend to watch the Blacklist over it since it has more seniority given it has been running slightly longer. If it weren’t for the fact it is scheduled to air during the exact same time a better crime TV drama is airing then it would be much more successful in the ratings! But either way I still watch it online and very much hope it gets renewed!

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  5. Greg says

    I Love the show but like most shows I either DVR them or download them after so I don’t have to waste time with the commercials I think allot of people due the same so how can a network determine how many people are actually watching a show or not. Networks should due polls on a special website or by texting
    to determine how many people like a show or not that way some of the good show that have been canceled may not have been.

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  6. Mika says

    Intelligence… or lack of. The show is very naive and unprofessionally written. The writer(s) have not done proper background study. Intelligence agents act without following the protocol, disobey orders and behave irrationally and incoherently.
    The biggest secret, the chip, does not seem to be a secret at all. The lab premises does not seem to have any kind of security at all. Enemies can just drive in to the under round garage and the guards just say ” this must be the cavalry” like two imbeciles.
    Geez, I can not stand it any more! If the TV bosses are dumb enough to show green light for season 2, I am not watching the farce.

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    • Jazmin says

      If Riley and Gabriel followed every order given to them, then there wouldn’t be a story in the first place. And if their building had perfect security, then episode 9 would be mainly about Nelson complaining about his dysfunctional printer. Shows are not meant to accurately resemble reality…not even reality shows.

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  7. Adam says

    I really hope it gets renewed, awesome show so far. Love ‘Intelligence’ for its originality and actors, good plot too. Please, i would be very happy to see a second season (and even more).

    Greetings from Italy :)

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  8. Gunnar Magaret says

    Please Renew this great intelligent series. i think the only reason for the lack in the later episodes is because its so close to an it can happen scenario. Keep Intelligence for a second season please.

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  9. ANNA says

    The show could have been good. It lacks of some accuracy, I feel it is because the writers want to put something more human and emotional in it but they are not really successful in it. They should have included a bit more of romance and maybe some hot scenes in it, in fact I m sure many girls that watch the shows do it because of Josh Holloway and well… he deserves some shirtless scenes!

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    • BB says

      We don’t need more sex on TV…we need less. I am glad they do NOT show more sex scenes in it. It seems that all the shows want to show sex scenes trying to get higher ratings. I, for one, flip channels as soon as some steamy scene starts. This is the reason our nation is going downhill fast.

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      • Amy says

        I liked your comment, and am also glad there haven’t been “rip-the-clothes off” and sex scenes. I think it sets up the storyline for much more with the characters. Look at NCIS- It has been on 10 seasons, and Tony and Ziva didn’t get together forever. The chemistry and suspense makes it fun. It seems that it takes awhile for a good plot and characters to develop, like Lost, 24, etc.
        I think any show would be ill-fated with the time-slots they’ve had it on. If they put it on a different one, it could have a chance for success. As for the haters: nobody is forcing you to watch the show, why not let those who like it just enjoy it?

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  10. Michelle says

    I love this show. I hope that it gets renewed and continues on or at least on Netflix because I would watch it over and over again. Keep posting good things and keep watching Intelligence on CBS because it is awesome. or at least I think so!!!! The chemistry on the show is great and I love the storylines each episode tell.

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  11. Alex says

    I think that they should give “Intelligence” another chance!!! Not everyone watches the shows they love at the time they are aired. For example, I always end up watching them in my computer.
    The show is kind of cool, and the characters have good chemistry. Although the writers do have to make more effort in the story telling, but still, the show deserves an opportunity!!!

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  12. susie says

    They need to move intelligence to another night, where it doesn’t compete with the Blacklist. I love both shows, and watch every episode. Please renew

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  13. Laura says

    Love the story line, action packed,strong women,could get more real scientific jargon and real scientists but it is a great show.
    At least I dont have to pay ten dollars to see action packed movies because intelligence give it to us for free every week so thank you.
    The actors and actresses are super… never ending stories about data mining on citizens from government, plus showing how cia,fbi and our government agencies wirk togeter or not…
    Second season please to go deeper…….

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  14. Debbie says

    Another good show that probably won’t be renewed. I’m sorry but I simply don’t think it’s me with the bad taste. It’s the majority that have bad taste now a days. Why bother getting involved with new TV shows they are never given a chance.

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    • John says

      I agree with you Debbie. America has really “dumbed down” on ridiculous sitcoms, dramas, and reality shows. No wonder decent shows never get a chance.

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  15. Kira S says

    I REALLY hope they renew Intelligence. For the people saying its “unwatchable” they must have their tbs on the wrong channel only thinking they’re watching intelligence. I love this show! Great plot, wonderful characters I’ve come to care for, and the chemistry between Riley and Gabriel is intense! I could do without Mei Chen, but I get why they’ve kept her. I only hope she doesn’t become “good” all the sudden and get between Riley and Gabriel! I love all the strong women on this show! Lilian kicks some ass of her own. Especially with the mexican drug cartel! That was a perfect ending to that episode! I really hope they’ll give this a chance! It’s been my new favorite show this tv season! Don’t forget, not all of us can watch a new episode when it airs!!! With DVR, purchasing from iTunes, and other ways to watch the show I think they need to start taking those into account too! Otherwise some great shows will go away.

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    • Rdgtchr says

      Agree with Kira S. Great show! “Intelligence” is science fiction…not real…suspend reality and enjoy! The junk on in the sitcom department is where TV is lacking…seriously! And it’s purpose is to entertain also.

      Hope this program gets another season. Worth it to see how the characters develop further with a couple of the key players out. Don’t like the idea of Mei Chin getting between Riley and Gabriel either…doesn’t add to the story line for me. Would like to see where things go with Lillian’s father…good guy????

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  16. science.geek says

    would like to see this show renewed, but moved to Wednesday night. There is nothing good on Wednesday night!

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  17. Matt says

    I really like this show..the theme is quite interesting..unlike almost human it deals with real people..I hope that there will be a season 2

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  18. says

    I love this show. It is the best show that I have ever watched. I will be very disappointed if it is cancelled because this is my favorite show. I think that it has the best plot for a T.V show and I hope that their is a season 2. Like my comment if you think that Intelligence should have a season 2!

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  19. says

    Thank you for taking the time to contact us.

    For various reasons, the decision was made by broadcast to cancel this show. We are fans ourselves, so we certainly understand how you feel. Your thoughts and sentiment have been forwarded for review by the appropriate department.

    We appreciate your patronage and hope you will continue to enjoy our CBS programming. Support Team

    © CBS Interactive, all rights reserved.
    Guys…… I emailed CBS and asked if they were cancelling Intelligence and this is what I got…. :(

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  20. LIRA says

    salam. this is the only show i enjoined watching…best show so far….pls pls plsssssss renew it. eagerly waiting for this spectacular show….to come back with full momentum…

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  21. K-Nicol says

    I love this show please please renew it for a second season!!! I would love to see where it goes the season finale has left me wanting more!!!!!

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  22. Amy says

    Do not spread rumours without facts. Michael Seitzman, the creator & executive producer of Intelligence says that even though it is on the bubble it is not cancelled, and there is still hope.

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  23. Amanda says


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    • Amanda says


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  24. Letitia Trice says

    I really love this show it had me from the very beginning.Please give the show a chance. DON’T CANCEL LOVING IT TOO MUCH!!

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  25. Ruth Mullaney says

    Please renew Intelligence. It is the best show on Monday night. It is getting rediculous that good shows are canceled and all the stupid reality shows go on for years. It is hard to keep track of new shows when they start out on one night & then switched to another night. There are not that many shows that older people like, but this is one that my husband & I both like.

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  26. Jenn says

    Unbelievable, that CBS executives are to stubborn to see/admit that putting a first season show against Blacklist will kill it. It is a great show but of course it doesn’t stand a chance against one of the highest rated programs currently on, if people don’t have an option to watch both. I am fortunate enough to have a DVR but even then just on principle DVR Intelligence. Be smart and move the time slot, look at your own ratings when it was not against Blacklist.

    Brilliant VFX – story just getting started, shame to waste it!

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  27. Thomas says

    Please renew it.It is awful to cancel it.This show is realy amazing and have many beautiful stories.I do not know why the hell they canceled it.This is pathetic.

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  28. Lora says

    I love this show. I’m tired of CBS airing a short season of a show just to pull it when people are hooked. I’d love to see Intelligence back for at least a second season. Quit wasting viewers time!

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  29. Brenda says

    I liked this show the more I watched it, but then it only started at 10:00 so, it was on too late. So, I downloaded all the remaining episodes. I love this show.

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  30. Robert Buchhofer says

    Don’t cancel INTELLIGENCE……That would be stupid. Just fix it. There is promise with this show. Just stop making the story line so big. You did the same STUPID stuff with “THE UNIT” It has to be somewhat realistic.

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  31. Chris says

    Please renew Intelligence. I love this show, and I am neither a techie or si-fi person. I have been waiting years for Josh Holloway to return to TV. He was wonderful on Lost and is fantastic on Intelligence. The show was just getting into its groove.

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  32. William says


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  33. KrispyK says

    CBS please keep Intelligence! It’s only recently I have fell in love with this show and have rewatched all the episode multiple times. I would love for it to have a 2nd season I feel we can learn so much more of these characters. They all fit together!!!!! Intelligence for season 2!!!!!

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    • Aria says

      I watch the episodes over and over again too! I love Meghan Ory. I’m quite bias since I love women who do action stuff. BUT PRETTY PLEASE RENEW THE SHOW FOR A SECOND SEASON!!!!

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  34. Hugh DRAKE says

    We enjoyed the show very much. .. Would hate to not see it return. .. Please give it another shot. ..Characters have grown on us…

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  35. Hugh DRAKE says

    We enjoyed the show very much. .. Would hate to not see it return. .. Please give it another shot. ..Characters have grown on us… ,

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  36. Alfred says

    Please CBS renew intelligence for a second season.its a gr8 show,love the chemistry.It would be a disappointment 2 all the people who love the show see it cancelled.

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  37. Andy says

    There aren’t enough episodes in the series, it started and finished all too quickly, i personally really like the show! But they went through plots far too quickly!

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  38. maggie says

    i hope they have a season two i think it would get better. i know one thing for definite i do NOT want to have to watch another load of crap reality tv series. everytime they cancel a good series or a series with potential it is replaced with bullshit reality tv. i want to watch a series that tv was made for ( YOU KNOW FICTION!!!) if you want to watch reality tv get your ass off the couch and step out side that is the only place where reality should be watched NOT ON TV.
    So bring back intelligence it is a series that would have great potential.

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  39. fletchoid says

    Yes, cancel this show. We don’t want anything that requires an attention span or an IQ. Give us more Honey Boo Boo and Hoarders Buried alive cuzz we not like think.

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  40. Bo says

    Should give Intelligence a 2nd chance, there are more worthless shows than this one. PLEASE give Intelligence a second season!!!!!

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  41. April says

    I am about fed up with cbs cancelling so many good shows….”without a trace” “ghost whisperer” “eleventh hour” csi miami”
    I finally found one I love :Intelligence”…please give it another chance

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  42. Elia Villarreal says

    I really hope CBS does not cancel Intelligence. I love that show and all its characters and actors. A show should not be cancelled just because it does not have the highest ratings. I wish the network would listen to the people watching its shows.

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  43. Darklord says

    The show is not more than OK, probably less.
    The storyline is quite obvious and the acting is poor, very poor…
    However, many networks often cancel great TV series (e.g. THE EVENT) and renew awful ones (e.g. V 2009, Falling skies…) just on the basis of share rather than the quuality of the show so I guess we will se a second season after all…

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    • Jazmin says

      I’m sorry, but I don’t see anything wrong with the show. And the acting isn’t even close to poor. Intelligence should be given another season. The show has potential.

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  44. Van says

    What was wrong was the time slot. There was nothing wrong with the show, I enjoyed it very much but it was going up against some well established and popular shows. It was not the shows fault but the fault is with the one(s) who picked the time slot. I’m for a second season but different time against less popular and established shows.

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  45. Aaron Bachstein says

    I wish they would renew Intelligence for a second season! It fell victim to a bad time slot. If they would swap “Persons of Interest” and “Intelligence” both would do much better as POI would be able to compete with Blacklist much better. And after the NCIS’ a show like Intelligence would just naturally fit right in to the lineup.

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  46. BA says

    Too bad that CBS did not use any Intelligence when picking a timeslot for this show.

    Monday at 10:00 pm had Castle a top 10 rated show for years that I have watched from the start and still do. Then comes The Blacklist which is one of the best shows on TV period….and I never miss.

    I enjoyed Intelligence too on the shows that I did catch On Demand. It is a good show that deserves a better timeslot. Give it a second season on Wed. or Thur. night. Come on CBS smarten up.

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    • says

      I hope that this isn’t to late to post this comment, but please CBS, renew Intelligence. I have poster 3 times on this website, I’ve emailed CBS 4 times, and I have been on numerous websites commenting about this topic.
      If you have watched this show, you should know that it is good. CBS is a bunch of horse if they are going to cancel this show. I didn’t miss one episode of this show, and I can’t even explain to you how much I love this show. I get that it is all about the money, but really CBS, you have both NCIS’s, Criminal Minds, and plenty other great shows, but yet you can’t let Intelligence go for another year and see how it does!
      I am begging you to please let this show go on

      Bryce Engel

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      • mildred wahl says

        How stupid to cancel intelligence. It was put together
        very well. U enjoyed watching it. U wonder about the
        Intelligence of the people that cancelled it.

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  47. Carpathian says

    I loved the series “Intelligence!” I am NOT a big fan of broadcast TV and only watch The Big Bang Theory and Intelligence on CBS. We (the viewing public) are over saturated with shows like NCIS and so called reality shows that are NOT reality… and when they finally come up with a “keeper” the powers that be ditch it. Just shows that CBS has NO intelligence!

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  48. PatBroeker says

    I absolutely couldn’t wait each week for the next episode. It’s quick, well written, with a good mix of drama, action and humor. The two main characters have tremendous chemistry on screen and CBS is making a huge mistake if they proceed with the cancellation of Intelligence. PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS!

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  49. Martha tucker says

    Please bring this show back. For once it’s not some nutty reality show. If was so interesting

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  50. Debbie Wedel says

    Definitely worth a second season ……. They were just starting develop. I believe this could become a top series

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  51. Godswill says

    RENEW THIS SEASON PLEASE, Am Nigerian and lives in Nigeria, I have watch this movie and it is super b that made me rush off to check for the season 2 only to be told that is not yet out oh I felt dissapointed till now. Please bring back this movie, it is very great. Is going the same way with the most loved 24hrs movie. Don’t cancel please

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  52. Natalie almonte says

    PLEASEEEEEEE RENEW INTELLIGENCE THIS SHOW IS SOOO GOOD I LEARN NEW THINGS AND I LOVE THE CAST . Please bring it back theres not a lot of shows this good even my dad likes it and my dad hates every show

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  53. Greg Lux says

    Unlike the Name of the show .. CBS was not Intelligent in cancelling this show. This show was just getting started and I am convinced that given a second season CBS would have a hit on their hands.. Supid not Intelligent move CBS.

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  54. Chad says

    Well, CBS and Fox suck a Big, Dick….. I hate these good shows getting cancelled so they can bring in some stupid female period show. Networks suck and so Leslie Moonves

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  55. Suze says


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  56. Classicuk says

    Really enjoy “Intelligence”. I would rather watch this show (and “Terra Nova”) that “X Factor” “Britain’s (America’s) Got Talent” Please give us season 2. Season 1 not over yet in U.K.

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  57. Esme says

    Intelligence is a great show, easy to watch. Of course it shows ratings are low that’s because everybody either Tivo’s it or records it to watch at leisure. So how can CBS tell how many people watch it? Just like CSI, Criminal Minds, Mentalist, I record all of them, so it’s not a fair rating when % of viewers down. No, I’m not watching another channel, I’m out enjoying life and like to come home to watch virtual reality, which Intelligence is all about. A sad Brit here :(

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  58. mary says

    l have totally enjoyed watching intelligence and as so many have said l record all my shows as l work odd hours and don”t want to miss any of them.Instead of looking at ratings talk to people instead too many good programmes have been cancelled ie: the Borgias …… l really miss that one …… not everybody likes sport you know

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  59. Belinda says

    1. It was a unique concept.
    2. The chemistry between the Riley and Gabriel characters was hot.
    3. The Nelson character was hilarious.
    4. The Lillian character was a strong, intelligent, yet beautiful woman thriving in a man’s world.
    5. The Riley character was a strong, intelligent woman who could kick butt with any man, yet also sexy.
    6. Then Mrs. Vaughn comes along and is tough and spunky.

    That’s not one, not two, but three strong women in one show (given CBS track record as of late, maybe that’s were the show went wrong).
    Intelligence was riddled with potential, yet CBS set it up to fail.
    It didn’t start until January when most other shows had started back in September, meaning they had several months and several episodes worth of a head start to build word of mouth and build a following. And not only did Intelligence have to try and gain ground and make up for lost time, it had to do it against an established hit like Castle. And to do this, CBS gave Intelligence a whopping whole half of a season.

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  60. Cassidy says

    Right First Off Why Are They Cancelling It When Millions Of People Are Tuning In To Watch It And Also. intelligence Is The Best Damn Thing On The Television I Say Renew It. I Bet CBS Has Been Getting A Lot Of Fan Mail Lately About Intelligence Being Canceled So They Had Better Renew It

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  61. deb s from pgh says

    Say it ain’t so. I loved intelligence and just looked to see when it will return. Very disappointing. I cannot believe it is cancelled. Can leaves car on and cancels this. I’d like to see a&e pick up the series.

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  62. Rob says

    Please bring out a Second season! Only just stumbled on the show and love it! The premise is smart and a good representation on what we could be capable and how much everyone relies on tech nowadays!

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  63. Emily says

    After reading through all the above comments, it becomes obvious that so many people record many shows to watch later. That being the case, the figures you are using are not at all representative of who is watching Intelligence. After seeing Josh Holloway in LOST, it was obvious that he is destined for greatness, and the others in Intelligence are all great! So if you were able to calculate the ACTUAL number of viewers of Intelligence (including who recorded and watched it later), I think you would have a substantially larger number of viewers and a much more realistic set of numbers to work with.

    Just a thought from one who is unable to record shows and feels very left out in the count. Please reconsider bringing INTELLIGENCE back in the fall. It is one of the very few truly enjoyable show of recent times.

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  64. Neil says

    Intelligence is a really great show. We live in Perth, Australia and absolutely love the show. I can’t believe that CBS decided to axe the show, these people that make the decisions have no idea. This is a really good fast paced show, with heaps of action, detailed plots and most importantly enjoyable to watch. REALLY REALLY ENJOY IT! I was actually worried it would be a poor copy of Chuck, which is a major favourite, for myself and my wife, but it is significantly different so still great to watch.

    Yes like many others I agree there is way to much “reality” TV, which is quite frankly terrible.
    We were so excited at how much detailed plot each episode of intelligence had, I mean other shows would have spent 3 seasons getting to where they did in 1, it is a credit to the writers.

    As I am a cynic I suspect that my hopes and those of many others here are to remain dashed as corporations rarely listen to the people (strangely enough), resulting in CBS keeping the show cancelled. But it is nice to believe in the potential power of the people to change the decision of a such a company – This show has real potential to make them money after all !

    Thanks All

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    • Fiona says

      Thankyou, I am from New Zealand and yes the show started a bit slow ,but had me hooked by episode 2. Gutted its cancelled and frustrated American ratings the only reason. Hello , there are other countries watching it! Putting it at 10pm not the wisest if you want good ratings I would have thought,but hey I’m not a CBS executive clearly.
      The series was just getting going and as the above comments , most of them anyway, show people want it to continue.

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  65. shumies says

    I love this show, i agree with the fact that it started off a bit slow but damn i love each n every character n i am so inlove with the plot of this series, guys please u cannot end this series….i am hoping n praying for a season 2…

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  66. Cher Dickson says

    BRING IT BACK PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS SHOW WAS GREAT!!!!


    BAD BAD MOVE TO TAKE IT AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  67. Chris says

    the show was a light weight. constructed and not very intelligent. Telling us, knowing everything about everyone is heroic. No thanks. Ein Hoch auf Edward Bernays.

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  68. Jeannie says

    Hope this show will be renewed. I can’t believe some of the shows that are. The more stupid the show, the more popular it is. I liked where the show was going and the ending was leaving us hanging. I guess Joss is just too good looking, and there is probably a lot of jealousy.

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  69. Rachel Stahly says

    Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease!! Renew this show! I love this show and I love Josh Holloway and Meghan Ory so much! I love Meghan in Once Upon a Time too! This show was great and I didn’t even watch it at first. I got into it about a third of the way into it! I go to bed at 10:00 so I recorded every episode and watched them over and over and I was really excited about a second season! Please please PLEASE renew this show! The ratings were good and they’ll be good again! Please don’t leave us hanging!!!! This was a really great show! PLEASE BRING IT BACK OR I WILL DIEEEEEEEE! This is what I’ve been waiting for all year because I didn’t know it was officially canceled! Me and my entire family (of 5) all are very disappointed that it won’t be on again:( :( :( PLEEEEEEEASE!

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  70. Gabe says

    CBS executives have got to be some of this stupidest people I know. They will cancel a completely amazing show why because I didn’t get as many hits as NCIS it’s a freaking 9 season show of course it didn’t. I mean network wise they have some of the best shows on TV they just have no idea how to keep something good.

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  71. robert says

    CBS has canceled some of my favorite shows or moved them to a day where they don’t stand a chance. Example: they took CSI:NY and moved it from wed to Fri then to sun, after that canceled. Didn’t even think about a another season. IF CBS took the time and listened to the VIEWERS then we all would have good shows to watch. CBS is quickly becoming a reality channel. Get rid of survivor and amazing race. CBS get your s#!@ together and your head out of your the big money guys a$$€$ and keep the shows that keep the VIEWERS WATCHING YOUR CHANNEL.

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  72. Trevor says

    I really love it, and if they’re gonna cancel it, they should at least film a Series Fiale. It had a great start and it was soooooo cool!

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  73. says

    I really love it, and if they’re gonna cancel it, they should at least film a Series Fiale. It had a great start and it was soooooo cool! Like seriously!

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  74. foster says

    I am from a country called Ghana.we love de movie so much we cant wait for the season 2 and the next series of intelligence to come on board.please dont cancel it and release it for us.I really love techonology movies.

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  75. Ben says

    Judging by the diversity of responses and the truly global reach of the show it seems to me that there is no way that Nielsen could get a real reading on the depth of the show’s audience. that is as much an indictment of Nielsen’s surveying methods – in my opinion outdated – as it is of CBS’ reading of the show’s outreach. I am writing this from Austria, where the show is popular (put that in your pipe and smoke it, Nielsen)
    Season1 left the audience wanting for more of the characters’ back stories; they are already well defined. We have begun to explore the rivalries between security branches of the US government; the budding relationship between Gabriel and Riley; the true nature of Lilian’s father – to name just a few. The network’s execs know this; the end to season 1 was designed with a possible season 2 in mind. Shame that they didn’t follow through.
    I think the show’s ratings have, as stated by so many above, much to do with its American time slot. A better placement of the show and a little patience from CBS Management could very well bring the network the results they want. Bring on season 2!
    By the way… this show has a great cast. We are going to see those actors again.

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  76. rob says

    CBS are rediculous.

    seriously after season 1 with no less than a million viewers – should never have been cancelled,

    just to replace with crapper tv with less views????


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  77. Timothy says

    What?? canceled, u gotta be shitting me, one of the few shows i have been able to get into and follow. The plot was to slow? PFFFFTTT. CBS u SUCK

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  78. Dae says

    I really loved the show to me Josh is amazing actor seen him on Lost and thought the only thing better then him being in this series would be some how having Kate from Lost on it with him but to have them cancel it after one season is fricking sad.
    They give us this crap like springer or 22 CIS shows yet take off Intelligence which reminds me a lot of 24 let it ride and play out no way it does worse then some of these reality shows that just all seem the same.

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  79. Stephanie says

    This show was amazing and had it all to work ! So disappointed that it is cancelled due to a lack in audience…

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