Intelligence Cancelled By CBS After One Season – Official

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Update: CBS has formally confirmed the cancellation of Intelligence. Original story continues below.

CBS has reportedly cancelled Intelligence after one season.

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According to the following CBS response regarding the fate of Intelligence, the show will not continue next season:

For various reasons, the decision was made by broadcast to cancel this show. We are fans ourselves, so we certainly understand how you feel. Your thoughts and sentiment have been forwarded for review by the appropriate department.

We appreciate your patronage and hope you will continue to enjoy our CBS programming. Support Team

Update: CBS has since informed Seriable that Intelligence has yet to be officially cancelled, so stay tuned for updates.

It’s worth noting that Hostages was cancelled months before it was officially announced, though it remains to be seen whether Intelligence will definitely follow suit.

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  1. Chris B. says

    Please renew this show.
    Me and the kids (ages 13, 12, and 8) really enjoy watching it.
    Gabe, Riley, and the rest of the crew deserve more than just one season.
    The time slot forthe show is a tough one with Castle and The Blacklist both
    On at the same spot. I think the show did fairly well considering the stiff competition and I hope it gets a second season. There’s really not that many shows that I can enjoy and watch with the kids anymore.

    Well-loved.: Thumb up 25

    • Karen says

      I am SO disappointed! I LOVE this show and i do not think it should be cancelled. THAT is a mistake. Josh Holloway is awesome and the rest of the cast is really great. This show is GOOD! WHY cancel it?

      Well-loved.: Thumb up 12

  2. MB says

    I hope they turn it around and renew, LOVE this show! Finally just got my dad into it as well, he’s more into it now than his other fav show Person of Interest, so it’s been a great show to watch for us both. Please RENEW!

    Well-loved.: Thumb up 16

  3. Isabella says

    I see lots of potentials for this show! There are lots to be explored and developed!
    Like Lilian’s father, Mei Chen being good or evil eventually, the leader of the sleepers agents, Gabriel’s past, what happened with Gabriel’s father, Riley’s past, Riley’s mother, etc etc.

    CBS has to move the time slot! This is a new show, why did CBS move it from Tuesday night to Monday night? Monday night is full packed with other great shows like Castle and Blacklist which have been running for YEARS! Give Intelligence a chance! Move it to nights where it doesn’t clash with shows which have been running for years!!

    I’m not from USA, yet I love Intelligence. Josh Holloway will be great in this show, as does Meghan Ory. and Marg, Michael Rady, John Billingsley, PJ Byrne, and others! They ROCK.

    PLEASE KEEP THIS SHOW! There’s already a fanbase getting larger and larger!
    Just move the time slot PLEASE! Give it a chance!

    Well-loved.: Thumb up 21

    • Mary M. says

      I like that this show was on Monday because for me that is a dead TV day. This was the only show I did or would watch on Monday. I did not think the acting was great but the plot, story line, and action kept me coming back. I did not find anything redeemable on any of the other shows on any of the networks worth watching. I guess I’ll be finding some non-tv entertainment for Monday nights once again.

      I find it interesting that you would choose Tuesday because with NCIS, NCIS:LA, and Person of Interest this is by far my busiest night of TV watching. I would not mind it going to Friday, as for me that is another night that currently airs nothing worth watching.

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    • Cle says

      I totally agree with this! I love Intelligence! Why on earth would CBS air it on Monday night? Blacklist was a given with James Spader and NBC heavily promoted that show! I have watched Castle for years but I moved it to my bedroom TV so I could watch Intelligence on the big screen. Move this show to Tuesday, Wed or Friday and it will be a hit for CBS.

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    • Emily says

      I should have known when a show came on where I absolutely loved the stars, the plots, and everything else about it, that it would be cancelled. I’m looking for someone who has the authority to put it on again (in a different time slot). I love Josh Holloway and am still heartsick over this. Please won’t someone find a way to put this talented, sexy man back on TV? He is so wonderfully different from the other male “copycat” stars. I am now watching the entire tv series of LOST and realizing just how much we have lost by the cancellation of INTELLIGENCE.


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  4. Matt says

    Why do all the really decent, intelligent shows get cancelled, and yet shows like Game of Thrones and Spartacus which are nothing but sex and violence get multiple series? Let’s not have another “Alphas”.

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    • Joe says

      Because the shows you mentioned are on premium channels that have to be paid for by the consumer, while Intelligence is a show that is on a network that needs viewship to get advertising dollars. Also, about the sex and violence part. HBO, Showtime, etc aren’t held to the same standard as broadcast networks so they can do what they choose with their shows.

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  5. Bunai says

    Intelligence and Almost Human are in the same boat. Both shows have potential, but both were up against some unbalanced odds making the network doubt their growth. I am really tired of Reality TV, and as mentioned above, using hardcore gimmicks to attract audience rather than the show letting things flow naturally.

    I have no problem with such elements if that is the shows purpose, but trying to turn other shows into this causes for some irritating moments.

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  6. Paula says

    Please don’t cancel intelligence. Show has so much potential, love the cast and recurring villains, Finale was very thought provoking, and very touching how Gabriel’s mom made her point. I love the cyber rendering concept, it’s much better than Sherlocks cause Gabriel can interact with his renders, I also like how everyone seems to take care of Gabriel, the women characters are all strong and smart., lots of action fighting scenes, and brings attention to what computers can actually perform.

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  7. viviana says

    Such a great show with so much potential!Great actors, amazing chemistry, interesting cases. One of the shows that gets me wanting to see more of it. It would be a stupid decision to cancel it.

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  8. Susan says

    I really love this show. I agree with the others that it has potential with great characters and good story line. The finale was quite good and the last scene very thought provoking. Please don’t cancel this show, move to another night.

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  9. Kathy says

    Renew! You are crazy to cancel. Just move it to another night . The shows very 1st night had high viewers……

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  10. Chris says

    LOVE this show! I really hope it returns! Gabriel and Riley are an awesome team! And Megan Ory (Riley) is too beautiful to not be on television!

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  11. Shane says

    When the show started, it seemed intriguing. In one week, they created an amazing pile of long-running stories that could be interesting and yet not contrived and purposely meandering.
    And then they killed off almost all those storylines within the next couple weeks.

    Burning through great stories fast and furious. And yet the viewership dropped off somehow!?!
    But even after appearing to use most of their good stuff quickly, somehow, the show stayed really interesting.

    It went against the grain of everything you’d expect them to do.

    It reminds me of the first seasons of NCIS.
    I’m surprised it hasn’t done well. Can anyone disagree that it’s better than NCIS!?! The show that tries to manufacture sudden setups for new spinoffs, even as they fail to create a BELIEVABLE replacement character to Ziva, or expand the characters or storylines with any depth anymore.

    Intelligence is a bit silly at times. Certainly sometimes struggles to be technologically realistic and has their hits and misses. But for what it is, it’s honestly spectacular. It’s a bit like the original Taken. Simple yet intriguing. Good adventure that, to me at least, draws me into the simple story and characters really well. It feels like the blue collar adventure to the complex stories of most shows.

    Yes, I don’t see how it won’t be cancelled. Which is another pity. The best three shows the past few years have been Missing, Last Resort, and now Intelligence. All took seemingly boxed-in storylines, and somehow found the creativity to make them interesting without making them over-the-top (how many terrorist attacks have Jack Bower or NCIS averted now? Grey’s Anatomy… only had a plane crash, a gunman, an epidemic, and a million other things). No wonder everyone is going to cable.

    A pity. Because the last episode of Intelligence was… probably the worst episode of the season. Rushed and unbelievable after a great first half buildup. Oh well, I guess if it won’t be lasting, so be it. Can’t get too tied up in these shows anymore :-)

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  12. Crystal Camden says

    Love the show…one of the few shows we can watch with our children, so many shows these days are filled with promiscuity and foul language! Please dont cancel :)

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  13. wanda torres says

    I look for a show that entertain, I will never watch a reality show. I have a lot of reality around so that will never be my choice. I do not understand why the show will be cancelled. Is really good, gives perspective about future events with computers. I remember many years ago it was not possible a lot of things that today are possible and we have them, an example of it “being able to make a call face to face with another person or more than one. I saw a lot of them in a World Fair about 40 years ago. My word to CBS: ” please give the audience some credit…we can think by our own.”

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  14. Gadfly says

    Terrible show. Terrible writing. Terrible characters. Hiring someone who looks like an 18-year old girl to play “the world’s best Secret Service agent” was dumb, too. But hey, at least, she looked older than the 16-year-old FBI agent from that show “Perception.”

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  15. Bill W says

    Please renew intellegiance, move it to another night. How can you put this show up against blacklist and expect great ratings

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  16. Sarah says

    I haven’t watched a show on CBS in years. In fact, I don’t enjoy most any of the shows on any network.

    INTELLIGENCE changed that! I looked forward to the show every week… love the cast and characters (great to see smart, strong women who can and do make important decisions!). Josh Holloway is awesome, with a much-deserved spot as leading man.

    PLEEEZE CBS, do not cancel this show! I can’t stand reality television and don’t want to watch the same regurgitated/copy cat programming. INTELLIGENCE is like a breath of fresh air, and who doesn’t need fresh air??

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  17. Leslie says

    I hope you reconsider renewing Intelligence. The interaction between Riley and Gabriel is fun to watch. I was looking forward to seeing what happens with Lillian’s father.

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  18. Gerry says

    Please do not cancel Intelligence. Missing was another show that should not have been cancelled. Put this show on a different day if that’s what fit takes. I usually DVR the show and watch it on another night when nothing is on TV. I understand if you DVR a show it does not count in the ratings. Whoever decided to put this show against NCIS was not thinking too clearly. BTW, I do not like and will not watch any Reality shows.

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  19. Kacie says

    They need to bring it back as a summer show like they did with Unforgettable, more cable networks need to do it with more shows, they’re good enough to be on tv but can’t go up against other shows during that same time period and there are not enough good shows on during the summer time!!!

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  20. Barbara says

    Please renew Intelligence. It was a great show! I have followed these actors from CSI and Lost and was not at all disappointed with this new show. I liked the twist this show had and looked forward to it every week. I don’t like any of your programming Sunday and Monday nights, but this brought me in. You’ll be losing a viewer without this show!

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  21. Ann Gendreau says

    This is a great show. Cancel something else and give them ( the show) a better time spot, then more would watch it!

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  22. Shari says

    I love Intelligence my whole family loves this show. Is CBS crazy? Everyone at work talks about this show. Please don’t cancel the best new CBS series in a very long time.

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  23. Karen says

    Why this show is slated for cancellation is beyond me! There is so much left undone and I’m waiting to see if Riley and Gabriel ever have a romance. They have great chemistry together! The season finale was excellent, especially at the end in the limo. Please, please keep this show on the air.

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  24. Stephanie says

    PLEASE DO NOT CANCEL INTELLIGENCE!!! This is one show that we watch as a family…… of the only ones that is kid appropriate (No sex/gore). I love the characters and the storyline. I HATE that you people will easily be rid of a show. Move the night/time slot before cancelling. Give it a chance.

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  25. Garlene R says

    Please do not cancel Intelligence. It is an awesome show. It is one of the few shows that my entire family enjoys watching together. The whole cast click together so well. I think the technology that it represents is something that can be done in the future and is worth exploring if it hasn’t already be done. I can’t believe that CBS will cancel the show without giving it a chance. The time slot sucks. But it is always on our DVR. Just please don’t cancel!!!!

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  26. andrew says

    Come On!!!! You change the day it’s on, give it a terrible time slot & wonder why the ratings for intelligence was up & down. Cbs could use some better intelligence!!! Please come to your senses & renew this show & don’t put it up same time slot as other great shows.

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  27. Belinda says

    CBS needs this show. Two thirds of the CSI franchise are gone & let’s be honest, The Mentalist has run its course. Meanwhile, long time CBS bell cows like NCIS, Criminal Minds and CSI, (while all still great shows, I DVR all of them) have got far, far more of the their road in their rear view mirror than they do out of their front windshield.
    Even great shows like NCIS:LA and Blue Bloods (my favorite) have reached or are quickly approaching middle age for a series. The action/drama genre was once the networks forte, but that genre on CBS is aging and it needs some quality fresh blood.
    That put Intelligence up against an established show like Castle, then give it only half a season’s worth of episodes to try and gain any traction, stupid.
    This show has tremendous potential and deserves a real chance, not just a half assed one.

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  28. Larry says

    I’ve made this comment somewhere else referring tro this show. DO NOT CANCEL! Like everyone else’s comments, the season pilot was aired on a separate night and then slotted on Monday going up against numerous fan favorites. This show has tons of potential, one of my favorites and would do much better in ratings if moved to another day of the week. I understand there is a “live viewer rating” and a “DVR rating” which the Live rating matters most (have to view the commercials which pays for the TV industry). Think about it, move to another day of the week and you’ll see the fan base increase…most definitely.

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    • Emily says

      This show was so great that I would give up any of my favorites to have this back on – any day!

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  29. Joe says

    This is the first time I have done this but I really like this show. It is smart and current and I think it deserves a 2nd season. I know I have very little influence on these matters but if opinions matter to CBS they now have mine.

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  30. Jan Elliott says

    I live in a house with two ladies and we love “Intelligence”. There are all kinds of programs on television at eight pm that I would LOVE to see get cancelled because of their stupidity and vulgar sexual connotations. “Intelligence”, at least gave people something intelligent to think about. It is scientific! It is “what if that could really happen” kind of show.
    If you go back to the sixties when “Star Trek” was on, it too was a scientific program, there was all kinds of things on that show that were considered far out there, but today they have become a reality. “Intelligence” is that kind of show. Please, please, do not cancel this program. It is one of the best shows that have been on television in a long time. Thank you.

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  31. Rich says

    Why is it that networks are so quick to kill a show without giving the show a chance to set its roots. Intelligence is a very good show with good plot lines and yet if it doesn’t deliver immediately it’s cancelled.
    The show is in a tough time slot. If I miss it, I’ve always watched it On Demand.
    Nonetheless, I hope the show is renewed…

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  32. Jennifer Stevenson says

    Intelligence is a wonderful show that is well acted with great storylines. I agree with everyone else that the timeslot is the major problem. I love the show and even I watched it the next day most of the time because I was too tired to watch it at 10 pm. I hope the network rethinks their current plan for the show and instead renews it in a better timeslot.

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    • Emily says

      What is so difficult about just moving Intelligence to another day or even another time? I think there are enough comments here already to see that people LOVE this show, and enjoy watching it with their KIDS. That should tell you something!

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  33. Brenda says

    Come on! You finally get a good show and then you want to cancel it. I am so tired of all the reality crap on TV. Keep it on! Marg and Josh you have my support!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  34. Erika says

    This show is one of the few that I really enjoy watching from the start. I would love for it to continue, due to the fact that we have just gotten to know the characters and I Think it can develop into a fantastic show!

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  35. Martha says

    I have a suggestion: why not put Intelligence back in as a summer show? You did that with Unforgettable, and look where that show is now … coming back for another season in June …

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  36. Renee says

    Intelligence is a very good show other then it comes on too late but we dvr it and watch it the next day. Bring it back please!

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  37. Jane says

    I love intelligence, how come the interesting ones always get cancelled and the ones like ‘the walking dead’ keep getting renewed, the walking dead has got to be the worst show ever it’s so boring I keep trying to like it but I have finally given up.

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