If Lone Star Dies, Should Fringe Play ‘House’ On Monday Nights?

With Lone Star once again burning out on Monday night, and Fringe not receiving the audience share that many feel it deserves on Thursday nights, our question today is simple:  If Fox puts Lone Star into deep freeze, would you like to see Fringe moved to the vacated spot after House on Monday nights?

I admit, it’s extremely unlikely that this will happen – after all, Fox seem content to see whether¬†Fringe can take a sizeable bite out of the Thursday night pie. But for many, Fringe is a show that would thrive in almost any other spot on the schedule – including Monday nights, where it performed well for one night earlier this year, despite the episode being an unaired left-over from the previous season and receiving minimal promotion from the network.

So while we’re loath to write the obits for Lone Star this early, humor us and let us know whether or not you’d like to see your Fringie heroes assume the position behind House on Monday nights by voting in our poll:

If Lone Star gets axed Should Fringe replace it on Mondays?

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  1. elaine says

    Although, moving Fringe to Monday’s at 8/9 Eastern would pit it against the latest sci-fi drama in ‘The Event’. While I’m sure it would do better than it does on Thursdays, it would be going up against the same genre competition.

    Oh, how I would love to see Fringe back on Tuesdays at 8 Central. Heck, Wednesdays at 8 pm would work too.

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  2. says


    Good point about ‘The Event’. Though I know who would ‘win’, I wouldn’t really like to see two serialized/genre shows tearing pieces out of each other in the current climate.

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  3. Cherioki says

    I still have hope for Fringe on a Thursdays, The other shows like The office and Grey’s anatomy are into their latter seasons and are burning out creatively (I know because I still watch them), will viewers turn to Fringe? Or maybe I know nothing at all and am just Biased Fringe Lover. Time will tell.

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