I Don’t Expect FRINGE To Grow — FOX President [UPDATED]


With the fourth season of Fringe less than two months away, FOX entertainment president Kevin Reilly says that he doesn’t expect the show’s ratings to grow. However, he did send some positive vibes in the direction of the sci-fi serial.

Speaking the at FOX press tour Reilly said:

“I don’t expect Fringe to grow.It’s a pretty complex show. If Fringe can do exactly what Fringe did last year, we’re going to be very happy. They’re right in the pocket creatively once again.”

[After all, one of the perks of being a network that thrives on the monster success of American Idol] “is that you can support creative shows that deserve to be on the air.”

Sources: EW | TV Line

Not that “happy” is a guarantee, but it’s positive and that’s good. I’m sure the cynics will scoff, but FOX were true to their word last season. We start anew this season, but hopefully the show and those who watch can do even more to force their hand this time round.

In other news, has Fringe really hit a ratings ceiling?

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  1. Underseer says

    Well that’s good, even fantastic news – as long as Reilly is sincere. That even gives me hope for a fifth season – which I’ve been pessimistic about until now, yay!

    But it also links me back to a post I made earlier on Seriable (“FRINGE REWATCH SEASONS 1-3: August Schedule”) about their downgrading of their marketing.

    I disagree with Reilly seems to be saying – that the show can’t grow its audience. A “Story So Far” web site could introduce the mythos in an entertaining way.

    The viral marketing site for Massive Dynamic site was a great idea, but Fox (or Abrams) let it die, which was silly. Regular updates on the site, reflecting current events in the show would have helped to keep interest up.

    Not to mention the more mysterious Fringe viral website Imagine the Impossibilities, created for the show, which had a few case files, one of which had sheep making circle formations, and we finally saw something very similar manifest at the end of season 3. This site was allowed to stagnate too.

    Both sites had, excuse the pun, massive potential to keep the Fringe mythos current and keep drawing new fans in. Instead they were just used to launch season one, incredibly short sighted from a marketing perspective.

    As somebody who does some work in web design, a trivial amount of their budget would be required to revive these sites with just a couple of people involved, and use SEO and conventional marketing to get them noticed again.

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  2. Olddarth says

    The viewing numbers for Season 4 will be interesting to track. Season 4 seems partly poised to attract new viewers but bringing the characters to a position where previous history can be revisited.

    Fridays look a lot busier this year too with Grimm, SuperNatural on at the same time I believe. With Chuck moving to Fridays at 8, Friday has become Nerd Night.

    If Fringe can hold it’s previous Friday numbers I’ll be ecstatic.

    Will there be a Fifth Season? Reilly’s comments are deftly open ended about that.

    Does anyone know if Fringe has had any budget cuts going into this season?

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  3. Jacksonheights says

    I think we have to stop bitching and look at the numbers. I think Fox and the creators did all they could, some shows just don’t catch on and other retreads do. We are lucky to have gotten season 4 and if we get 13 or 15 episodes in season 5 it is a gift. I won’t bitch but enjoy what remains. If this show was on CBS it would have been gone long ago.

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