HOUSE OF CARDS Season 3, Simultaneous Streaming Update


House Of Cards is currently filming its second season in Maryland, but given the nature of the first two seasons pickup is a third season on the cards?

Speaking at an Emmy “For Your Consideration” panel at the Leonard H. Goldenson Theatre, exec producer Beau Willimon played his cards close to his chest on any potential continuation beyond Season 2, saying (per Deadline) that there has been no discussion yet if the Netflix political serial will go on to a Season 3.”

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Also under wraps is whether House Of Cards Season 2 will stream simultaneously like the first season, a philosophy that helps make the show highly bingeable but one that some observers believe undercuts its ability to maintain year-round buzz. After all, this is newly charted territory. Said Willimon:

“There has been no decision yet if Season 2 will be released simultaneously like Season 1.”

So not much revealed in truth, but actor Kevin Spacey believes the accessibility of House Of Cards has reaped rewards for the streaming company:

“Netflix’s recently announced they’ve had 2 million more subscribers, in large part to House of Cards…they’re making money.”

Source: Deadline

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