HOMELAND Season 2 Recruits F. Murray Abraham, Damian Lewis Talks Brody Struggles


Homeland has bolstered its list of players by recruiting F. Murray Abraham for Season 2, while Damian Lewis has teased the upcoming struggles for the troubled Brody.

Entertainment Weekly confirms that Academy Award-winner Abraham (Amadeus) will be be introduced later this season as Dar Adul, described as “a brilliant intelligence operative in his 60-70’s. He has worked all over the world for the Special Activities Division of the CIA.”

Further details are thin on the ground but the role is described as a ‘major recurring’, so he could well have a significant impact on proceedings.

In the early episodes of the new season, fans (and Brody) will meet journalist Roya Hammad (Zuleikha Robinson), and later on, CIA operative Peter Quinn (Rupert Friend).

Elsewhere, Damian Lewis has been speaking about what the new season has in store for Sgt. Nicholas Brody in an interview with Huff Post TV. Here’s a sampling of what he revealed.

On the intrinsic connection that continues to manifest between Brody and Carrie in Season 2:

The series is at its best in their storyline when this sort of odd connection that they have and this sort of co-dependency that they have gets in the way of whatever it is they’re both trying to do professionally. There is an instance, for example, when Brody is abandoned somewhere — I won’t tell you what it is, but he’s on his own, he’s down, he’s depressed, and I think that’s real. And he needs to call someone, and the person he calls is Carrie. And I think that’s just always going to be true for Brody. However dangerous she is to him, he knows she’s the one person who could rumble him. He just has a connection with her. She’s the one person that makes him feel better. At the same time, knowing that when they’re together, she is probably working him in some way, as he in some ways is working her, trying to suss her out further. That duality that exists every time they meet is very intoxicating, and it’s fantastic to play those two things at once.

On Carrie’s lingering resentment towards Brody for the level of distrust she has for her own mind:

There’s a moment in Season 2 where Carrie says, “I don’t think I’m crazy. I don’t think I’m crazy.” And there’s a lot of residual anger towards Brody as a result as she goes after him.

On the Jessica Brody’s journey in Season 2 [something Morena Baccarin also teases here]:

There’s an interesting development with Jess where you see a woman suddenly with her eyes on the prize a little bit. She says to Brody, “Don’t f— this up, Brody.” But it’s not really just about Brody — it’s like, “I’m really enjoying this. Don’t f— it up for me.” Jess becomes a bit of a social climber, and that’s not actually particularly attractive.

Lewis also teased a very “Deer Hunter” third episode. “that’s a very, very almost gothic episode. It’s very operatic. It’s amazing.”

Check out the entire interview at Huff Post TV. Homeland Season 2 premieres Sunday, Sept. 30 on Showtime.

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