HOMELAND Producers On Season 2: ‘The World Will Be At Boiling Point’


The executive producers of Homeland reflect on the spy serial’s breakout season and tease the upcoming second chapter, including how current world events will have a significant bearing on the show’s Season 2 story.

Speaking at the Peabody Awards, where Homeland was honored, EPs Alex Gansa and Howard Gordon looked back on the enthralling serial’s first season, provided a fixed stamp on where the story picks up in Season 2, and teased more details on the upcoming chapter. read on for insights:

On the show’s moral ambiguity and whether they get involved in the politics of it all or try to center the story mostly on the characters:

Gansa: We’re fairly rigorous about staying agnostic politically, just asking and posing the questions rather than answering them. That said, if you look at it, there is a sense that this country may be engaged in a perpetual war right now. The rise of the surveillance state in the United States. These are all questions that we want to pose and ask: what is our safety worth?

On how much real foreign affairs impact what happens on the show:

Gordon: Quite a bit, actually. And in the second season you’ll see even more so. We’re really looking at where the world is, what’s happening in the Middle East right now, and that’s going to be a major departure point from the first season.

On filming in Israel:

Gordon: Yeah, I just got back last night. It was remarkable. The show is based on an Israeli format, which was only incidental to the fact that we actually have Israeli partners that were production partners on this, and we doubled it as Beirut. [..] large portions of next year [will be set there].

On Season 2

Gordon: Season two is going to start about five or six months after season one ended. Carrie will not be in the intelligence service, and the world will be at a boiling point.

Gordon also teased that there will be some new antagonists entering the fray. A previous report noted that Nicholas Brody will get a new chief of staff and cross paths with a “beautiful Middle Eastern woman who comes bearing an ultimatum,” so we’ll see how that ties in.

Source: THR

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