HOMELAND: New Season 2 Filming Details, Plus: Brody/Carrie ‘Damaged’ Together


Homeland‘s Damian Lewis has provided some additional intel on the second season of the Showtime serial.

Speaking to Digital Spy, Lewis outlined the show’s plans for the “exciting” second season, revealing Israel as one of the filming locations:

“They’re going to Israel to film for two weeks, in two weeks, which I wont be a part of. Then I join [everyone else] at the end of the month, back in America.”

This may support earlier reports that Carrie will go undercover in Beirut, as she attempts to work her way in from the fringes of the CIA’s ongoing hunt for Abu Nazir, after her claims about Sgt. Brody’s threat to the US were discredited.

As for Brody’s journey, Lewis describes him as a “damaged, erratic agent” from which there’s no escaping:

“What you have to remember about Brody is that whatever happened to him subsequently, whatever choices he made, was to salvage his own wreckage from his experience,” said Lewis.

Initially, he was brutally tortured, both physically and psychologically. And so he is a damaged, erratic and sometimes an irrational agent. And he will always have that. He will always have post-traumatic stress disorder.

He believes this is where his character and Carrie share a common bond:

Carrie Mathison is similarly damaged and suffers from a bipolar disorder. They are both broken-winged birds and they will always be drawn to each other. It will be there in the psychology of that relationship where there is the most danger in this show.”

Lewis also defended the serial’s sex scenes, saying that for the most part they further plot or character.

Homeland Season 2 premieres September 30 on Showtme.

Source: Digital Spy

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