HOMELAND: Claire Danes Reveals Carrie ‘Exhaustion’, 7 Season Arc Possibility


Claire Danes has admitted that she was concerned about playing agent Carrie Mathison on Homeland.

Speaking to the LA Times, Danes said that she found the first season “exhausting”:

“The pitch she’s on is so high, and to maintain that hyper-vigilance is exhausting,” says the actress. “But it’s fun. I like her — she’s smarter than I am, and definitely more bad-ass than I am. It’s fun to wear her cape.”

Danes admits she had her doubts about being able to sustain the intensity of Carrie over multiple seasons:

“I wasn’t sure about sustaining that level [..] for possibly seven years; I was unsure if it was almost too relevant and would be exploitational and confronting and too distressing — but, ultimately, I had not encountered a character that was so dynamic and specific for a very long time.”

Things look set to get even more intense for Carrie in Season 2 as the intrepid agent embarks on an “emotional” journey which leads her to Beirut in search of a piece of intelligence that only she can obtain.

Homeland returns September 30 on Showtime.

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