HOMELAND: Brody 2012 Teaser Pulls An Idea


A new Homeland Season 2 spot takes us into the mind of Brody, through the mind of Carrie, in search of the one idea that pulled him through.

While this latest teaser doesn’t contain ‘new footage’, it does feature interesting framing of what viewers can expect to find in the psychological serial’s second season; namely suspected terrorist Sgt. Brody in office and potentially more dangerous than ever — thriving off the idea that pulled him through and shifted his allegiance away from the United States of America.

While the tease is definitely Brody-centric, it’s essentially filtered through the fractured lens of Carrie Mathison — the agent who put the incriminating pieces together at the end of last season before the board was zapped clean. But not completely clean, if this tease (and other intel released over the past few months) is anything to go by.

Watch the Homeland Brody 2012 spot below:

Season 2 premieres Sept. 30 on Showtime.

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