HOMELAND Boss Reveals Brody Was ThisMuchCloser To [REDACTED] In Season 2


Note: Spoilers if you’ve yet to watch the Homeland Season 2 finale

Just how close what Nick Brody to death this season? ThisClose, according to Homeland showrunner Alex Gansa.

Speaking in a lengthy interview with Grantland‘s Andy Greenwald, Gansa revels in the spectre of Brody’s survival but admits that the writers were “much closer” to offing him in the second season than the first. As he explains:

“We were much closer to offing him this season. Much closer to offing him this season. When we saw Damian and Claire doing scenes together in the first season we knew we had legs beyond just the first year. Though it would have been shocking to kill him in that suicide vest, there was still so much story to tell there between the two characters that it would have been premature. This year at the end of this season, a lot of the Carrie/Brody story has been told, we’ve covered a lot of ground and a lot of time and so the temptation to put a bullet in his brain was pretty strong.”

You can watch a sample of the 55-minute interview in the player below:

Whether or not you swallowed every narrative choice in the plausibility-stretching second season, it’s interesting to hear the thought process behind those decisions — and Gansa offers his take in the full version of the interview, touching on areas such as:

  • Carrie’s genius being negated as a consequence of her improved state of mind this past season, and the struggles she’ll face as a result in year 3.
  • The hardest acting scene Claire Danes has had in the past two seasons of Homeland
  • The desire not to be repetitive and push through story instead (i.e. the tape)
  • Homeland‘s story room vs 24 and The X-Files’ more “competitive” rooms.
  • The balance of the show, shocks, twists, conditioning.
  • The mole, baby.
  • Saul the moral center of the show.
  • Laying the foundation for Season 3 in Season 2.
  • Season 3 considerations – “different story next season, not going to be about another attack on America.”
  • Going forward, would like to explore what it means to be an intelligence officer.
  • Story could move overseas to see Carrie in the field as a case officer.
  • Restocking writer’s room for Season 3.

You can listen in on the full interview here.

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  1. Jim says

    Well, I say just kill him off already. Damiam Lewis is great, but the character’s story should have ended a while ago.

    (We got a MOLE BABY!)

    Like: Thumb up 2

  2. chrispatt86 says

    Ending of season 2 would of been even more perfect if when Brody goes away in the woods, in the dark you hear a BANG! (shot), Carrie goes runing, nothing there.

    I think Brody should of died already, hopefully he won’t make season 4.

    Like: Thumb up 1

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