HOMELAND Boss Dishes Brody & Carrie Season 2 Intel


Homeland has several ongoing questions facilitating the character drama, perhaps the biggest being that of Brody’s true allegiance — has the decorated marine turned against America? Will he put the long con on Abu Nazir? Is he just conflicted?

Obviously a lot hinges on this question given the nature of the story. Speaking to TV Guide, Homeland EP Howard Gordon suggests the mystery will continue to play out over the course of the second season, but is keen to point out that it’s not a question of Brody being ‘good or bad’:

“Often the most wonderful drama is this nuanced tug of war inside the characters in terms of why they do what they do. Honestly, one of the great delights is confusing or confounding expectations. No one is all good and no one is all bad. Everyone is hopefully explicitly and complicatedly human.”

This nuance will also be afforded to Carrie. When the new season kicks off she’ll be in a comfy teacher’s job six months after having “Issa” and other key Intel wiped from her mind. However, like a “moth to a flame,” it wont be long until she’s back in the CIA — for better or worse. Howard says:

“Carrie is a moth to the flame. There’s a part of her that really is so good at what she does and misses what she does, but at the same time, knows that what she’s so good at is really bad for her. That’s one of the delightful tensions in her character and in the series.”

Season 2 premieres Sept. 30 on Showtime


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