HOMELAND: 2.01 The Smile & 2.02 Photos Online, Season 2 Intel Released


Promotional photos for the opening two episodes of Homeland‘s highly-anticipated second season have come alive online.

Check out the photos from Homeland 2.01 and 2.02, revealing Carrie’s ‘new hair’ and Brody inside the belly, below:

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Meanwhile, at Monday’s press tour, Damian Lewis revealed that Brody isn’t exactly in as much control as he’d like to be in Season 2:

“He would like to think he’s in control of his own destiny… He’s more knowingly juggling balls this season, but essentially he’s everybody’s bitch. … He’s a suppurating sore that needs to be lanced at some point.”

As for Carrie, who ended last season at rock bottom, executive producer Alex Gansa reiterates that she wont be cut-off from CIA duty for too long:

“At the beginning of the second season, she’s been humbled. She’s suffering from a real crisis of conscience… I think she has some suspicions that her [mental] condition was responsible for her genius. The [first] episode was structured around someone who was very reluctant and reticent to get back involved… yet is pulled to do the work. And when she finds herself there, it invigorates her and she gets high on the action. Claire has a wicked smile on her.”

Added Claire Danes:

“She’s suffering from a real crisis of confidence,” added Danes. “She gets her mojo back, but it takes some time. I think she’s a little less paranoid, a little less high-strung.”

As for whether Brody and Carrie will spend more time interacting on-screen together this season, Damian Lewis teased the following response:

“I think Howard and Alex have tried to create a similar pivotal moment in season two. Carrie very much has an upper hand, and it’s less romantically inclined than professionally inclined.”

Homeland is about half-way through shooting Season 2 for a Sept. 30 premiere.

Source: THR | TV Guide

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