HEMLOCK GROVE Snags Six Feet Under Alum Lili Taylor


Netflix’s upcoming original series Hemlock Grove has cast Six Feet Under alum Lili Taylor.

The 13-episode horror series from director/executive producer Eli Roth is set in a ravaged Pennsylvania steel town and begins with the discovery of a young girl’s body. The crime provokes outlandish theories and suspicion is cast on the biotech facility owned by the mysterious Godfrey family.

Per TV Line, Taylor will play the gypsy mother of Landon Liboiron’s (Terra Nova) mother, whose way of life is loathed by the rich teen’s mom, played by Famke Janssen (Nip/Tuck).

Hemlock is slated for an early 2013 release on Netfix’s streaming platform, with all episodes getting a same-day release.

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