Helix: Canceled Or Renewed For Season 2?


Helix Canceled or Renewed?Helix Canceled or renewed for Season 2? Syfy has officially RENEWED Helix for Season 2, to premiere Winter 2015.

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Helix is turning into something of a creative hit for Syfy, but will that be enough to stave off the Cancelation Dragon?

The heavily serialized outbreak thriller from Ronald D. Moore has a 13-episode first season order.

With an event series billing, a large amount of closure is expected at the end of the season – though the mythology could spill over into a second season, further raising the renewal/cancelation stakes.

Stay tuned as we keep you regularly updated with the renewal/cancelation news (including ratings and other significant updates) for Helix over the coming weeks and months.

Updates from March 28 – Syfy renews Helix for Season 2!:

Update Feb. 13: Helix executive producer Steven Maeda says he’s “cautiously optimistic” about Season 2:

Helix Season 1 Ratings

Episode18-49 Key DemoViewers (millions)
1.01 Pilot0.61.82
1.02 "Vector"0.61.82
1.03 "274"0.41.34
1.04 "Single Strand"0.41.39
1.05 "The White Room"0.41.13
1.06 "Aniqatiga"0.51.33
1.07 "Survivor Zero"0.31.16
1.08 "Bloodline"0.41.47
1.09 "Level X"0.41.28
1.10 Fushigi"0.41.28
1.11 "Black Rain"0.51.18
1.12 "The Reaping"0.41.23
1.13 "Dans L'ombre"0.41.37

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