Hannibal Cancelled Or Renewed For Season 3?

hannibal cancelled or renewed?

Hannibal Cancelled Or Renewed for Season 3?

Official Status: Hannibal renewed for Season 3 by NBC.

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Keep an eye on this page as we bring you rolling updates on the cancellation/renewal status of the NBC serial killer drama.

Hannibal boss Bryan Fuller pitched a seven-season arc for the series, but with Hannibal on the bubble, it’s unclear whether he will get a step closer to that plan. As it stands, NBC has yet to cancel or renew Hannibal for Season 3, though the show’s critical acclaim and relatively cheap production cost stand in its favor. Stay tuned for updates…


  • May 1 – Fuller expresses confidence for a third season but isn’t taking any chances – alternative options to continue Hannibal have been explored in case NBC axes the show.
  • April 23Hannibal is set to gamble on Season 3. Fuller says that while the Season 2 finale offers a certain amount of closure, it would ultimately make for a “frustrating” series finale given that it ends on multiple cliffhangers.

Hannibal Season 2 Ratings

Episode18-49 Key DemoViewers (millions)
2.01 "Kaiseki"1.13.35
2.02 "Sakizuki"0.82.64
2.03 "Hassun"0.92.59
2.04 "Takiawase"0.92.79
2.05 "Mukozuke"1.03.65
2.06 "Futamono"0.82.32
2.07 "Yakimono"0.72.25
2.08 "Su-zakana"0.82.80
2.09 "Shiizakana"1.02.83
2.10 "Naka-Choko"0.92.28
2.11 "Ko No Mono"0.71.95
2.12 "Tome-Wan"0.92.32
2.13 "Mizumono"0.82.35

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  1. Yaw Jr. says

    Hannibal should be on a channel like FX where fans of shows such as Nip/Tuck and American Horror Story can spot it. NBC is a ‘family’ channel and probably not the best place for a show like Hannibal to get maximum exposure.. I know it will be picked up by FX should NBC choose to drop it for next season. If season 3 is greenlit however then I’m certain we can expect the full 7 season run, although I would cut it to 5 if I were Fuller.

    Well-loved.: Thumb up 40

    • Jessica says

      I totally agree!!! NBC needs to move to sister station or channel like FX. These types of shows tend to fair better on a channel like FX. I will cry if Hannibal is canceled! Best scripted show on tv!!!

      Well-loved.: Thumb up 31

      • Debbie says

        One reason why I hope it stays on NBC is that FX shows are not usually
        picked up for Huluplus which is where a large portion of the world watches this
        show. The 10:00pm crowd of TV viewers are either going to bed, putting it on
        their DVR, or watching it online and using a HDMI cord to watch it on their 55
        inch TV screen. I continue to be amazed at how the storyline keeps going on
        with Will and Hannibal. I never read any of the books, but I can’t believe it would
        continue for 7 seasons? But I sure would not complain.

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        • Ozgur Acikgoz says

          I watch it online from Turkey and there aren’t many people following it here. The show to me is one of the best portrayed scenarios ever, but it doesn’t get enough publicity.

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    • gracemargaret says

      In Utah they stopped showing it on the NBC affiliate. They think it’s too graphic. This show belongs on a cable channel to reach more people.

      Like: Thumb up 1

      • Debbie says

        I understand that Utah would feel that way..reminds me of
        censorship based on religion. If the show goes to cable it runs
        the risk of loosing viewers who can not afford cable or do not want
        it. And there are many viewers worldwide who would possibly be
        unable to view it. If Game of Thrones was shown online on Huluplus
        like Hannibal is many more people would have access to it. I for one
        am very grateful to NBC that it is keeping this show available for those
        of us who exist on a tight budget. Thanks NBC!! There are many shows
        on AMC,USA,Lifetime,FX that must have a cable subscription to view.
        Please do not take this show away from Hulu subscribers!

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  2. Adam White says

    BRING THIS TELEVISION SERIES INTO LINE WITH THE VENERABLE –ALL BUT PERFECT — “Red Dragon – Silence of the Lambs – Hannibal” LITERARY SERIES BY T. HARRIS OR KILL IT! The current premises and plot are so far off from the novels that it seems a travesty. Stay the set course or go away.

    Like: Thumb up 4

    • Betty says

      Thomas Harris reviewed the first episode of Hannibal Season 2, and he said that

      ” it glistens with a bloody sense of originality.”

      I am so happy that he in a Fannibal. His royal seal of approval is all that matters in the long run..

      Well-loved.: Thumb up 45

    • Pat says

      There’s no need to shout.

      Seasons 1-3 are original storylines. season 4 will be Red Dragon, 5 will be Silence of the Lambs, 6 will be Hannibal, and 7 will be an original ending storyline.

      Well-loved.: Thumb up 26

    • kim says

      Every once in a blue moon there is a show “based” on a book that ends up being amazing. To dismiss this mind blowing, one of kind show because it isn’t a play by play of the books is a huge mistake.

      This is a shockingly great series, try to enjoy it for what it is instead of trying to make it something else.

      Well-loved.: Thumb up 27

    • Christian Axelsson says

      Doing their own thing is not always a bad thing. Hannibal Rising fucking SUCKED. Silence and Red Dragon were awesome books. Silence were a awesome movie as well.

      This is the best show on TV right now. Leave it as is. Perfect scripts and perfects casting. What more can one ask for?

      Well-loved.: Thumb up 16

      • darthlocke says

        although the time period has to be adjusted I think it is beyond evident that Hannibal Rising is also being used from both season 1 and 2 langue episode titles (French, Japanese) and to grand allusions to Hannibal Rising through Eastern Philosophy, the death of Beverly Katz, flower, trees, and spring rebirth motif, the samurai shrine in Hannibal’s house, a parallel of female writers from Murasake to Du Maurier, Abigail Hobbs, Fishing motifs/anaolgies (Paul the fisher’s head/ Will’s hobby), Will’s story foreshadows Hannibals, but also back shadows Hannibal’s pwn revenge story, ect, ect…

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    • darthlocke says

      As A big fan of the source material I can blatantly see how Fuller has used and recontexualized what the source material has to offer by starting in the pre-red Dragon Era and by acknowledging what Harris tells fans about who and what Hannibal is in the third novel with his titled name: a post modern anthropomorphic horror-romance set within a criminal psychological thriller.

      The TV show has been beautifully alluding/referencing both back (Hannibal Rising) and forwards (Hannibal) with all of the characters and situations. It’s amazing. The way Hannibal should be.

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    • jason says

      Stop bitching !! Just like walking dead the series is based on characters so sick of you “purists”, crying about continuity for every ten of you there’s 100 who never read the books and I know you think it was made for you bit sorry my lord it wasn’t so enjoy it or stop watching

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    • Jesus says

      Well… that’s what the books are for… go read them again if you like, but I’d prefer not to have the same story repeated over and over.

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  3. Tim says

    Hannibal is the most “original”, clever, classy and intriguing show to come along in quite some time. To lose such an imaginative and marvelously produced show to time slot ratings would be a travesty. Move it to a better night or like others have opined, put it on FX, A&E or some other cable venue where the audience is already there, waiting for something they can sink their teeth into (couldn’t resist).

    Brian Fuller is to be commended for his daring and foresight and hopefully will fight like hell to keep it.
    It’s hard to remember such talented acting, directing and writing and pains me to think it will all end this season.

    Well-loved.: Thumb up 45

  4. Jessica says

    Best scripted show on tv!!!! Actors who play Hannibal and Will Graham are outstanding beyond words!!! As others have said, move to New day/time or better, move to cable station already geared for this kind of programming. Who do we write/email to shiw our support and to tell we want show not to be canceled?

    Well-loved.: Thumb up 10

  5. FarvaBns_Chianti says

    I hope Hanibal is not cancelled. If it was on AMC, FX or even better yet, HBO it would be a top show. Great concept because its not a who dunnit but when will he be caught. Very dark show w powerful scenes. The 2 forensic scientists lighten the air though. This show has a great cast, great acting, and is well written. A huge mistake would be canceling this series but keeping it on NBC is doing it an injustice.

    Like: Thumb up 7

  6. Betty says

    Some good news to report today.

    TV By the Numbers has moved Hannibal to ” Renewal Predicted.” … fingers crossed.

    Like: Thumb up 7

  7. Ale says

    Please get renewed Please get renewed Please get renewed Please get renewed Please get renewed !!! It’s the best show ever!

    Like: Thumb up 6

  8. jason says

    personally i think though im not going to be popular series one and what ive seen in series two are better than all three films,its more sinister and with better actors im keeping my fingers crossed for a third season im totally hooked.

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  9. rweav says

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this show and if it gets cancelled I will be SO DISAPPOINTED! The actors and storyline in it are amazing!! If the ratings are down maybe it’s because of the night it’s on and needs to be moved to another night??? PLEASE, PLEASE DON’T CANCEL THIS SHOW – it is the best series on tv by far!!!

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  10. Vanessa Rainey Sellers says

    This is hands down my favorite show. Not only are the actors and writing the best on TV but the visual aspect can not be compared to anything that is on..Every week the up their game. I will be heartbroken if the cancel.

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  11. Betty says

    Congratulations !!!

    Fantastic news to report .Hannibal has won the Hulu Best In Show for 2014,
    taking the lead and winning by 3/4 of the votes over Game Of Thrones.

    I hope this is a good sign for the re-newal of Hannibal.

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  12. Meredith says

    I agree with virtually everything written here already but just want to add one more voice-! Yes, any cable channel would be fine with me but HBO or Showtime would be best — give this marvelous show a full hour to stretch out in. Apparently Brian Fuller knew someone at NBC who realizes that if the Networks don’t begin to compete with the cable channels soon, they will have an audience only when the kids have gone to bed or where dunces inhabit the house. Nonetheless, NBC has old bad habits and it’s easy to believe that his friendly executive was outnumbered as soon as Hannibal’s numbers failed to rise high. Grrrrr… Let’s get together and eat rude executives!

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  13. Michele Donahoe says

    I am 57years old and I absolutely love this show. So does my children and Grandchildren. My friends at work watch this show also. I just don’t understand why it’s on the bubble, that’s what they call it. Please don’t take this show away.It’s so good. Thank you. M.Donahoe.

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  14. Simón Brad says

    Whatever standards these goons who decide which shows stay and which are cancelled makes me want to vomit. Great shows like Hannibal are “on the bubble” while honey boo boo and some rednecks making duck calls are kept because a bunch of ignorant idiots watch them? Stinks.

    Like: Thumb up 8

  15. RichardR says

    This show is excellent. I think it’s great that NBC is willing to push the envelope with a series this thoughtful, suspenseful, and unsettling, and I applaud Mr. Fuller for not doing the “expected’, not following Harris slavishly, and playing with the viewers as much as Hannibal is playing with the FBI. While I don’t want to see it canceled, it would surely find life on another network- the brilliant “Southland” survived for several seasons after NBC canceled it. And it would surely survive on FX, Netflix, or other networks. It better, anyway. :)

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  16. Jessica W says

    As an International Viewer of this show, I must say it’s extremely disappointing when the reactions of fans and the viewer ship outside of the US may not be taken into consideration. Hannibal did well within Australia in its first season airing, especially considering they delayed it to the point we did not have a long gap at all between the first and second seasons (though the air date has not started for Season 2 here – I will definitely opt into rewatching this fantastic show when it does begin airing that season, despite my keeping up with the American airdates).

    This show is witty, clever, devious even – and all around fantastic to watch. I sped through the first season alone in under a day of back-recorded episodes, and was glad to be submerged into such a colourful, yet dark, world created by Bryan. His shows always have such a complexity and reality to them, despite their sometimes fantastical nature (Pushing Daisies, by far the least close to realism, but still just as heart warming and heart wrenching as any of his other works). It would be a shame to lose yet another of his masterpieces within two seasons.

    I’ve only recently introduced my entire family to this show – and given the hesitance and fear towards goreish material and horror/suspense that my mother and sister both possess; it truly says something about the quality of the work that they are gagging for more Hannibal each week alongside me.

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  17. Eter says

    I don’t care where it’s run, as long as I’ll be able to look at my dvd/blu-ray shelf in 5 years and see a whole lot of H/Cannibal.

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  18. MONICA says

    The first season of the show was immaculate and very well crafted. The second season of the show is wrought with gay subtext and nonsensical plotlines. Fuller clearly doesn’t know how to write the character of Hannibal Lecter. There is far too much fan service as well. He put Hannibal with Alana which doesn’t make sense of either of their characters. He named one of the dogs Applesauce because a fan asked him to. Will has gone back to being Hannibal’s patient. Chilton (A major major character through Red Dragon and Silence Of The Lambs) is “dead” but will probably come back. There is too much romance and love triangles in a show that shouldn’t be about that. Hannibal can’t love anyone it’s implausible. The fans are mostly teenage girls under the age of the key demo they are looking for. NBC Markets almost exclusively to Tumblr and the population on there is under the age of 18 (or the majority of it) each week the suspension of disbelief gets even higher, isolating long term fans and people with mature brains even further. I was a fan of the first season, HUGE one but after episode six I’m just out for the count. I can’t stomach any more how badly this is written. Cancel the show. Had they put it on a cable network the fan base would have been far different and the show possibly might have been better, but you have to remember Fuller is at the helm and he’s just a VERY VERY BAD WRITER after he gets past a season 1.

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    • Jim says

      I’m sorry to say, I disagree with everything you said. Hannibal, the show as as well as the character, is brilliant. Everything that’s happening now has been his plan from the very beginning, and you can tell when you go back and watch some of the older episodes. I don’t know about the Applesauce thing, but I do know that everywhere I go, people complained about the Hannibal/Alana coupling when it was shown in the promos. Nobody wanted to see that, and I don’t think there’s anyone among the viewers who thought Hannibal would ever truly fall in love with her. He lied to her, drugged her, and used her to create an airtight alibi while he went off to kidnap Abel Gideon. That’s all that was.
      I don’t know what you mean when you talk about love triangles, because (besides from Alana’s point of view) there’s not a single character actually involved in a romantic storyline. I’m pretty sure Will doesn’t even know she and Hannibal slept together. Plus, besides Alana, there really aren’t many female characters left on the show to have romantic storylines. The ”gay subtext” you mentioned is only there if you’re looking for it.
      To me, it seems obvious that Will is playing Hannibal (fully aware that Hannibal is playing him), and that he’s definitely not simply back to being his ”patient”. Either way, it’s unfair to use that as a criticism because the last episode literally ended with that. They will talk, but simply because they are fascinated by each other. Everyone who likes the show should be fascinated by their relationship, and if you aren’t looking forward to more of their conversations, I think this just might be the wrong show for you.
      Your point about Chilton’s (possible) death is one thing I could agree with, but again that would depend on what’s coming next. Personally, I loved that they had the guts to shoot him in the face, especially because no one saw that coming. I should add that Chilton has become my favorite character this season. Raúl Esparza has really made the most of his time on screen. This show is not the same as the books it’s based on, so IF Chilton’s death is a sacrifice the story demanded, I’m only more interested in seeing what will happen next.

      Well-loved.: Thumb up 21

      • nicole says

        I also liked Chilton!! He was actually funny!! And you could relate to him. You could understand him as a viewer. I was bummed out when he was shot.. I hoped he would go to prison and i don’t know something interesting would follow…

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        • Dian says

          Yeah You Right .. As Viewer I Like Dr.Chilton too He is More Interested in Wil and Hannibal.. But Who,s Better than Chilton for Hannibal to Charge for Murder ? and some how He Claimed for these killing ..

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  19. says

    I love this show, have read all the novels and seen all the movies. I don’t care what night its on, what network, or what time, but PLEASE KEEP IT ON THE AIR. Its been a long, long time since I loved a show enough to watch it in real time and not just record it, because I cannot wait to see what happens next. Hannibal is that good. Eagerly thirsting for the next installment!

    Well-loved.: Thumb up 10

  20. nicole says

    I love Hannibal the series. It’s like wow! Amazing!! I also am a big fan of the Following. I watch the series in the netherlands online for free…. If these series were like on netflix i would definitly take an account. Hannibal is now on the dutch telly. They are on season 1, but as i said i watch it online so i’m where they at in the US. I would have watched it on tv.
    The series is really really good!! Because of the series i’ve watched all the films of hannibal. I can’t express how great it just is! Keep u the good work!!

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  21. Jeanne says

    I really hope this show will come back for season three! In my opinion it is getting better and better. The last episode (su-zakana) was simply amazing. The characters are great and complex. I am fascinated by their relationship. Also, I have to mention that this show is so very esthetic, even if it’s in a sort of morbid way. In short, I’m totally addicted. So PLEASE, someone, anybody, air it. I’m begging you.

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  22. Roden says

    Series two is going down fast, the plots get more ridiculous by the episode. I could barely watch S02E08 and have just switched off S02E09 before the end, it was THAT bad.

    After a promising series one, I am out, it’s now rubbish and deserves to be cancelled.

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  23. BBmax50 says

    I can’t believe no one here is disturbed by the picture posted with this article. Talk about spoiler alerts.

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    • Betty says

      The picture is from “Kaiseki,” the opening scene from the first episode of this season.

      It has been out there since the middle of February, courtesy of NBC putting the scene online, to attract and pique the interest of the audience for the premiere episode of season two.

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  24. Trixi says

    It always annoys me a little that decisions are made as to whether to continue something or not based solely off the US ratings. I mean, here in the UK season two won’t even air til May 6th, by which point we might end up being told “oh, by the way, this is the last one you get, and it’s gonna be frustrating and cliff-hanger-y”. I sort of wish they’d figure how to roll everything out worldwide at the same time and take the readings that way.

    Also, how does something like this have an uncertain future while the most bland shows can coast along using the same cookie-cutter drama? I really feel like some people to be smacked in the face with different shows before they’ll advance beyond “Oh look SOAPS!”

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    • Betty says

      I am going to take a stab in the dark and say that the rights to broadcast has to do with distribution and licensing fees.

      Downton Abbey, The Fall, and Sherlock played in Canada much later than in the UK for example.

      Game Of Thrones has been the exception so far, simultaneously airing at the same day and time in both countries for season 4.
      Hopefully more broadcasters will follow suit, especially if the show has a world-wide fan base.

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  25. peta says

    I see that the salespeople at NBC want to cancel it because of low ratings. Why don’t they advertise it? Cross sell it? Falling Skies which will return in June on one of the cable channels has had promotions running for its return since the beginning of April. Hannibal is brilliant but who would know it from the support NBC has given it? Same with Crossing Lines. Instead of cancelling these two unique shows why don’t they cancel their marketing department instead?

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  26. ChrisG says

    I am a privileged UK viewer. I say privileged because rarely do we see such mature, adult, intelligent and thought provoking TV of this nature. Oh, it comes once in a while, but is all too rare. Now I realise that the plotlines, and characters may not follow the original books etc, etc, but so the hell what. These are fictional characters, and as such it shouldn’t matter to us as viewers, as long as it makes sense and is as entertaining as this.

    It scares the hell out of me that the future of TV (globally) is heading towards the other end of the viewing market. Dumbed down, average, unintelligent, cheap, made with a broad-spectrum audience in mind. The likes of “The Voice”, “Whatever has got Talent”, “American Chopper”, “Gold Rush”, will take over. Yes, I like some of them, but that should never be the point. It should be a balance of all, and the day that the bean counters decide that all television should be like the latter is the day that TV as a general entertainment really does die…To probably be replaced by the likes of Netflix/Amazon TV.

    Hannibal is quite possibly, in my opinion, one of the best things currently on TV – alongside the likes of “Walking Dead”, “Game of Thrones” etc. Several of the series that I myself have liked have been (at first) inexplicably cancelled (I really liked “Firefly”, damn Fox). However, I get that…I get that not all that I like is going to be globally popular. BUT, I compare Hannibal to the likes of “Breaking Bad”. It Played out, and did so Brilliantly.

    It NEEDS to be allowed to finish. Please Mr Corporate TV studio bean counters – Do not let down the people that you are supposed to be entertaining. Balance the schedule, and allow people to see this kind of program.

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    • Mo says

      No it’s awful fan service garbage with a horrible fandom of idiot teens and people who didn’t read the books. Shut up.

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  27. P Brown~St. Louis, MO. USA says

    Hannibal keeps me “on the edge” with every episode. As the plot widens and thickens, I truly believe my mind is expanding, my senses are heightened, and my memory improves as a result of neuroplasticity. Mads Mikkelsen’s good looks cause an increase in my heart rate, which in turn promotes good circulation. As dopamine levels increase in my frontal lobe, I feel good. I am happy. Please don’t cancel the TV series, Hannibal.

    Like: Thumb up 2

    • Mo says

      This show is doing to Red Dragon what Twilight did to vampires. This show is utterly worthless fan service crap. It needs to be cancelled and I have no clue why they are going to risk it. I hope anyone who watches this is severely upset when it finally is cancelled cause you all suck for what you let this become. It’s garbage absolute garbage and I hate every last one of you loser fans. It is just awful.

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  28. Mo says

    This show is doing to Red Dragon what Twilight did to vampires. This show is utterly worthless fan service crap. It needs to be cancelled and I have no clue why they are going to risk it. I hope anyone who watches this is severely upset when it finally is cancelled cause you all suck for what you let this become. It’s garbage absolute garbage and I hate every last one of you loser fans.

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  29. ChrisG says

    Mo, really, you are amusing, and summarize the type of person that the world cannot do without. If there were not people like you then the world would indeed not be truly balanced.

    Tell me, what is it that impresses you? What do you consider to be “good” TV, or good entertainment. Go on, put yourself out there, or are you one of those close minded idiots that can only destructively, rather that constructively, criticise. Believe me, I know quite a few people like that.

    I see you are suggesting that you have read the books…Tell me, why is it that in your opinion that books, and TV programs produced from books, have to be identical? How totally boring!!! Read the book, then watch exactly the same thing in moving pictures….Mmmm, what a strange thing to want to do in every case. With those rules I bet you verbally destroy every TV program/movie that you see which is based on the pre-written book. What a miserable life you must lead if that is the case!

    Got some news for you. It is a free world, the last I looked. Opinions are just that…Opinions – I have one, you have one, we all have one. Telling me to shut up just shows how completely and totally ignorant you are. Actually, I have just thought of another reason that you might take that particular stance…Perhaps you are simply a snot nosed immature teenager going through puberty?

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  30. Christian says

    The tv serias is to good but if u whant to post on the television is not a good ideea. To many idiots copy the hannibal murders…and then u think how the fuck we get birth to so many killlers…this tv serias need to stay only on internet. is the best seria that i ever so…i download the movie to torrent.

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