GRIMM Renewed For Season 2


NBC has renewed serial-lite freshman series Grimm.

The first NBC series to be renewed this season, Grimm has held its own on Friday nights, even growing a touch when given the chance to air uninterrupted. The peacock has obviously seen fit to give it another run next term.

Our view: May a second season bring more serialization and a reason to care. The final episodes of this first season will provide insight into the show’s larger intentions. We may well find that the show is happy to tread procedural water, but we’d be happy to see its seriaballs. Time will tell.

Source: Deadline

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    • says

      While your question is probably rhetorical, it’s worth poiting out that renewals are often predicated on the particular network the show is on and how far that show meets their needs/how much faith they have in the $how to grow, etc. Terra Nova (a very expensive show) and V (which was on its second season) were both on the decline as far as numbers go, whereas Grimm has been relatively steady. It’s also on Friday, where the demands for NBC are different than, say, Mondays on FOX.

      Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean Grimm is a ‘better’ or ‘worse’ show, per se.

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  1. Dac says

    “May a second season bring more serialization and a reason to care.”

    Yes, I agree. There have been little bits here and there, but I think it would benefit greatly from a bit more of a deeper mystery. I found myself after a few plain procedural episodes a bit bored with the model. Perhaps I’m a bit spoiled by Fringe?

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