Welcome to Grimm Observations — your guide through the clues, symbolism and connected mythology of NBC’s Grimm. This week we’re pulling “Bad Teeth”.


  • The new chapter of Grimm opens with a quote from “The Second Coming” by William Butler Yeats, foreshadowing the arrival of Mauvais Dentes and the Royal Families arc:

“The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere the ceremony of innocence is drowned..”


  • We get a good look at Mauvais Dentes in his saber-toothed creature and human form. Behind him, scribbles inked with the blood of his victims.
  • According to Grimm lore, one of these bad boys is worse than a Reaper and can wipe out an entire village.

  • We learn that Mauvais Dentes was sent to Portland by the Royal Families to kill Nick. Here’s James Frain overseeing the torture of a poor member of the resistance, providing some insight into the political climate in the creature world.

  • Juliette is still in critical following her ‘monster cat’-inflicted coma. Rosalee’s spell-tector turns unexpected blue instead of ‘good idea’ yellow or ‘chance’ green. There’s still hope for Jules, but the potion needs to be administered in a special way…
  • The dastardly spell is known as “L’espirit Ailleus” or “The Spirit Elsewhere,” which conveniently causes memory loss with symptoms similar to dementia.
  • Judging from by title of the next episode and suggestions from Mama Adalind, I think it’s safe to say that someone, namely Nick or more likely Captain Renard, will have to pucker up and kiss this sleeping beauty to rouse her from her slumber…

  • In the meantime, Juliette’s spirit is indeed ‘elsewhere’ as noted by those peepers.

  • Speaking of peepers, we peek inside Juliette’s subconscious to a time before she knew truth about Nick. Nick’s eyes gradually become concealed, then his mouth, before he fades away altogether.

  • Of course, this likely symbolises her fading memory of Nick’s Grimm claims — though it could also foreshadow her not remembering Nick at all.

  • Notice how Nick’s eyes are also obscured in the broken picture of him and Juliette.

  • Captain Renard is clearly concerned about Juliette’s condition — a genuine concern reflected by his transparent reflection — a transparency that thematically conveys Juliette’s memory loss.

  • He’s also worried about the potential impact Juliette’s demise might have on Nick. In the above scene he essentially talks to Mama Adalind ‘through’ a mirror, further reflecting his conflicted emotions, I suspect.

  • Hank’s ‘paranoia’ has reached fever pitch following his creature encounter last season. Dude is sleeping with a shotgun and jumping at every bump in the night. He’s also popping pills. I bet he wishes he could wipe those memories from his mind.

  • Mama Grimm and Marie had 17 trunks of artifacts passed down to them. No wonder they needed the Mystical Trailer.
  • Mama Grimm, Nick, Marie, grandpapa and great-great-grandmama Grimm are the only other Grimm in their family, that MG knows of.
  • “Nobody knows when it’s going to hit them or even if they’ve got it,” though “woman become aware sooner than men”.
  • For example, she was only 10 when she found out she inherited Grimmdom. She went on her first hunt when she was 18.

  • Look at the glee on that face as she recounts the time Nick’s great-great-grandmama Hilda castrated a Rotznasig Carcaju. Good times.

  • Both Nick and MG note their lack “choice” at being Grimms. Nick begins to soften towards her from this point. Will ‘destiny’ become a bigger theme in the show this season?

  • We get a peek at some pages from the Grimm creature book, including a fierce depiction of Mauvais Dentes, below:


  • Nick tells MG about the key pendant Marie gave him before she died — of course she knows it will make a map puzzle.
  • The key is one of seven entrusted to the ancient Grimm knights by the royal families.

  • A page from one of the first Grimm diaries explains how this fits into the mythology:

“Legend has it there are seven keys, forged by the knights who fought for the seven Royal Families in the fourth crusade. When you put the maps together, they make one big map, leading to the location where the knights hid the precious wealth they took from Constantinople after thy sacked and burned it. Those knights are our ancestors.”

  • The knights hid the treasure because it contained a McGuffin something of immense power. They didn’t want the already influential royals to control the world.
  • Thus the map was split and each knight received a key. “What was so powerful?” Hopefully we’ll find out as the mythology unspools.

  • According to MG, Papa Grimm wont be resurrecting from the infamous car crash. Kimuro killed MG’s friend thinking it was her. No wonder Renard was surprised to hear about two Grimms being in town.
  • In an episode heavy on memory, MG says she’s been “more places than I care to remember.”
  • Contrasting Juliette’s current state, she also notes that she was “so scared I didn’t sleep for months”, upon discovering she was a Grimm.

  • With all this shiny new mythology, what of the coins? MG says the only way to destroy them is to return them to the Island of Zakynthos where they were forged. (Cue One Ring parallels). Expect this to explain her impending departure, though I’m sure she’ll be back at some point.
  • Upon discovering that MG is in town, Renard kills Kimura in a bid to conceal the Grimm situation from the rest of royal families.
  • MG references the Wesen Wars of 1285 when explaining the how Grimm diaries were destroyed.


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  1. Dac says

    So glad you are doing Grimm Observations now! I’ve always looked forward to them for OUAT and Fringe.

    Also, from S2.1 it looks like Grimm will start to have a bit more mystery and “Grimmology”, which I’m looking forward to.

    Like: Thumb up 1

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