GRIMM: New Season 2 Posters Put Storytime To Bed


“Storytime is over”, is the message from the new Grimm Season 2 poster. I hope not, if anything Grimm needs more story, overarching story to be precise. But I know what they mean.

Check out the rather-cool poster below along with the equally-cool Comic-Con sheet (via TV Line).

The second season of Grimm takes an early swing, August 13 on NBC.

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  1. Sherr says

    I only watched a few episodes of Grimm last season – I’m not really a fan of monsters 😉 – but was excited to see Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio playing his mother in the finale and it appears she’ll be joining the regular cast..? Love her! She’ll raise the intelligence factor for the show. Nice that S2 starts so early! I’ll watch.

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