Gillian Anderson On Her Return To Seriable TV With THE FALL and CRISIS

The Fall Series One

X-Files alum Gillian Anderson spoken about her return to the seriable landscape with BBC drama The Fall and NBC’s upcoming conspiracy serial Crisis, in an interview with Huff Post TV.

On what attracted her to the role of Stella Gibson on murder mystery drama The Fall:

I think if I’m honest, primarily, initially, the character. I find her so intriguing and I still find her quite mysterious and I think that’s quite unusual for a contemporary drama. I like the way she handles situations and I thought I kind of need to be this person for a while. Obviously, the scripts themselves were very well-written, very compelling, very emotionally engaging. I knew that after having conversations with [the minds behind "The Fall"] that they had similar ideas as I did about how it should be shot and once we were all on the same page, it just seemed like something I couldn’t not do.

On why she chose Crisis as her first series regular US TV role since The X-Files:

First of all, I had a deal with NBC to develop something. We were getting close to the end of that time and I wasn’t sure if there was going to be something to draw my attention enough to make that commitment. And then, what has been called up until this point the “Untitled Rand Ravich Project” [Laughs.], was a page-turner. I couldn’t put the script down. I thought that it might be kind of cool to step into an ensemble that wasn’t going to take a huge amount of my time. It was something that I thought, “I kind of want to know what happens next in this.” It seemed like it was going to tick many boxes because it was going work with my schedule and I could have a presence, but not as big a commitment as a lead character. It just seemed do-able and like it would be a fun piece to be involved with. After talking to Rand and Far [Shariat, "Crisis" executive producer], they’re great guys and they have a real commitment to making this real quality television.

On whether NBC’s recent push to serialize the would-be procedural — as seen recently with Awake and Hannibal — holds Crisis in good stead:

Also, with NBC’s stated commitment to making shows that feel more like cable, I’m counting on them to allow us to do that because that’s how this is going to work. It doesn’t have to be as dark as “Hannibal,” but I thought they were very successful in being able to do what they have with “Hannibal” and keep it on primetime network for as long as they have and there’s another opportunity with this show and I’m hoping that that’s what it turns out to be.

Source: Huff Post TV


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