GAME OF THRONES: Season 3 Photos Unveil Riverrun


New photos from the set of Game Of Thrones have surfaced. They tease what will become the fortress of Riverrun — seat of House Tully and ancestral home of Catelyn Stark, nee Tully. Check them out below:

While we’ve met Cat’s sister Lysa in Season 1, we’ve yet to visit their homeland. This will change when the HBO series’ upcoming third season adds the Riverlands to its far-flung destinations. While these photos might not be much to get excited about for the uninitiated, for hardcore Thrones fans they will no doubt whet the appetite as production on the highly-anticipated third season continues.

As we already know, two significant Tullys have so far been cast for Season 3: Cat’s uncle, Brynden “The Blackfish” Tully and her younger brother Edmure.

Photos via: HBO Watch | HT: Paul M.

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  1. Adam says

    Very exciting! Can’t wait to see another important part of Westeros added to the GoT landscape – and I’m also quite happy with both of the Tully castings. Looking forward to seeing them handle some of the material coming their way.

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