Serial Bites: Game Of Thrones Nabs Another Baratheon For Season 3, Plus More!


Today’s bite-sized serial menu brings news and tidbits from Game Of Thrones, True Blood, Doctor Who, The Vampire Diaries, The Secret Circle and LOST.

  • Kerry Ingram has been cast cast Shireen Baratheon (the young daughter of Stannis) in the third season of Game Of Thrones. She announced the news on Twitter, which was later confirmed by the Berkshire Arts Academy, who tweeted: “Well done [Kerry] for getting the role of ‘Stannis Baretheon’ daughter ‘Shireen’ in ‘Game Of Thrones S3’ “
  • Tina Majorino has landed a recurring role on the upcoming fifth season of HBO’s True Blood. She’ll play a key member of the Vampire Authority’s support staff who first appears in Episode 3, which is scheduled to air June 24. [TV Line]
  • According to various tweets, the new Doctor Who companion, played by Jenna-Louise Coleman, will be called [POSSIBLE SPOILER] Clara. The name was overheard by fans during Coleman’s first filming sessions.
  • Kevin Williamson spoke to IGN about the huge changes in store for The Vampire Diaries‘ Elena and the recent cancelation of The Secret Circle:

So, Vampire Elena… How long before you decided to pull the trigger on that, because it’s such a huge shift?

Williamson: In the books, I think it was in Book 2 when it happened. I remember working on the pilot, and Julie and I were going, “Well, if we break this down…” With Elena, we were talking about [Twilight’s] Bella and when Bella became a vampire, and, “What book was it?” We started thinking it through. We were just like, “That’s such a fourth season thing.” And once we came up with the Original family, we knew that the next stage would be Elena turning into a vampire. I thought she executed it beautifully. Julie [Plec] really did a beautiful job.

I also wanted to text you about The Secret Circle. I have to tell you, my wife texted me about it today and said, “Is there no chance of it coming back!?”

Williamson: I am so sorry to all the fans, but that show is gone. I just don’t think it ever found its audience — I don’t know. I talked to [Secret Circle executive producer] Andrew Miller, and we were like, “What was the thing? Was it witches? Was the world too narrow? Was it too complicated?” Because I feel like we had some beautiful, wonderfully talented actors, the show looked beautiful, and there was a lot of hard work put into it. And I think Andrew Miller did an absolutely phenomenal job. You never know.

  • LOST: Baywatch Style:

[College Humor | HT: @vardenrhode]

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