GAME OF THRONES Receives Entertainment Weekly Cover Treatment (x4); New Cast Photo


This week’s Entertainment Weekly features four different Game Of Thrones covers and Intel on the upcoming second season. Head below for a peek at the covers, a better look at the new cast photo pictured above, and some quotables.

In this week’s issue the cast and crew share insights on creating the continuation of one of last year’s most memorable serials. Co-creators D.B Weiss and David Benioff managed to squeeze an extra 15% from the HBO coffers; something they felt was necessary in order to realize the larger scale of the second chapter. Benioff says:

“This is season is about a country at war, [and] we felt like if we didn’t see the most important battle of this entire war onscreen, we’re going to shortchange viewers.”

A peek at the four different Game Of Thrones covers on this week’s Entertainment Weekly

Weiss adds:

“To my knowledge, a story of this scale has never been told within filmed entertainment. There’s so many characters and locations and storylines, so many things that are atypical in television — and for good reason. You could do this show relatively easily with twice the money that we have, then after a couple great seasons it’d collapse under its own weight and cease to exist.”

EW has also shared the following wacky cast photo from a recent Belfast photo session. It features Kit Harington, Emilia Clarke, Lena Headey and  Nikolaj Coster-Waldau rocking out on air guitars, with Peter Dinklage as their lead singer.

You can pick up this week’s Entertainment Weekly featuring four different Game of Thrones covers on newsstands, or buy them here.

Source: EW

Game Of Thrones Season 2 premieres April 1 on HBO

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  1. matt says

    1st of all: best face ever by peter dinklage

    2nd: a continuation of post on the season finale article, i just read this and it struck me as odd that it honestly seemed to me that this season was visually a bit cheaper than S1 and they claim to have gotten an extra 15% to work with i mean did they stash it and half the reg budget in a mattress and save it for when the dragons are grown? (i hope so) cause compared to the way they realized the first season, this one felt like it was full of holes like lace in terms of the dept. they did a better job IMnshO of introducing and realizing the characters last season than they did this time even though they had a lot of expansion in the story to realize this season, last season they started from a point where the viewers (except book readers) were starting from a blank slate and they managed to make those characters seem more real and deep and full. I dunno about anyone else but a couple of characters just didnt get realized in a way that made me feel for them/understand them like I did for characters last season.

    i think they should have made books 2 and 3 into 3 seasons total or even more. why not just make as much of the story as works into a season and leave it at that and move on ot the next season? (then they wouldnt have to do things lke change the story to make the show satisfying like Danny getting here big triumph in the finale -which I liked, she deserved it- but that not being how it happened in the books) theres no rules anywhere that say 1 book has to = 1 season

    again that being said I love the show, I just wish they wouldnt leave so much out/change unnecessary things (like appearances of characters) and when new characters are introduced they do as good a job as they did when all the characters were new at the beginning of the story, otherwise they sort of fall flat or seem thin

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