GAME OF THRONES: George R.R. Martin Thinks More Horses Would Improve Show


Like many Game Of Thrones fans, George R.R. Martin was pleased with the way last season’s “Battle of Blackwater” turned out. However, he wanted more horses.

In a recent interview with Geek and Sundry, Martin identified some of the differences between his books and the HBO series, one being the show’s relative budgetary constraints.

For example, Martin believes the “Blackwater” episode (which he wrote) could have been even awesomer had it featured more elements from his books:

“That was a spectacular episode, I’m very pleased by the way that episode [turned] out. Nonetheless, would I have liked more? Sure, I would have liked more. I’m very greedy, I would have liked to had the great chain across the harbor, the three great trebuchets throwing the Antler men across the river [to smash the ships].”

Martin could have also done with more horses:

“I would have liked [more] horses. We don’t have so many horses on the show, because horses are expensive and often don’t do what you want them to do.”

Watch Martin’s interview in the player below (jump to around the 15:15 mark):

While it’s disappointing that the series is unable to quite meet the scope of Martin’s imagination/books, it’s also interesting in itself to see how the show tries to get around those limitations to create a world that is both believable and fantastical.

That’s not to say having more ships and horses (etc) wouldn’t benefit the series, particularly during the battle scenes, where even the enormously budgeted Game Of Thrones could do with more visual context and structure, but there’s always more than one way of telling a story. Plus, you only have to look at some of the big movie blockbusters to know that more isn’t a guarantee of better.

For me it’s ultimately about what the story does, and while I don’t think Season 2 was quite as rewarding as the first in terms of overall story, I’m excited to return to that world.

Source: Geek and Sundry

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