FRINGE: Three-Part Series Finale Confirmed


Fringe showrunner J.H. Wyman has confirmed the Fringe series finale will serve a continuous storyline over three episodes, essentially making it a three-part finale.

Wyman gave the scoop to Collider at this week’s Saturn Awards in which the sci-fi serial won Best Network Television Series.

Wyman, who also confirmed the serialized freedom that Fringe has in its final season and reiterated his desire to answer the important questions, said:

“The last three episodes are serving a continuum, so basically it’s actually a 3-hour [finale], but they’re not on the same night. It’s like a continuance, a lot of the story wraps up in three episodes at the end.”

Fringe fans have become fairly used to two-part finales over the years, while the climax to Season 3 was blocked like a three parter, but the three part series finale should be something special.

You can watch the entire Wyman interview in the player below, courtesy Collider:

The final season begins Sept. 28 on Fox

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