FRINGE Sold To Science Channel In Off-Network Syndication


This is interesting: a month after securing a fifth and final 13-episode season from FOX, Fringe has been sold in an off-network syndication to the Discovery Communications’ Science Channel.

The non-exclusive deal with the Science Channel allows Fringe studio Warner Bros. to sell the series to a streaming service, where serialized drama performs well. Streaming giants Netflix, Hulu and also Amazon are said to be interested.

The serial fits the audience profile of the Science Channel, whose programming regularly investigates fringe-science themes. Series star John Noble has also hosted the channel’s unscripted series Dark Matters. While, last year, the network dusted off the Browncoat to air another cult favorite seriable in the shape of Firefly. So there’s plenty of potential to create Fringe-themed ‘blocks’ to further extend the series’ reach, while attracting those yet to venture down the rabbit hole.

Rumblings of a Fringe off-network sale began Wednesday morning when the sci-fi serial was listed as “sold” for a fall 2012 launch on a slide (above) from Warner Bros. TV Group president Bruce Rosenblum’s speech at an investor conference.

Just to clarify, this deal doesn’t herald a sixth season of Fringe. Rather, old episodes will be re-aired at a price, backing up Warner Bros. decision to trim their license fee to secure the final season.

Source: Deadline | Variety

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