FRINGE: Seth Gabel Talks Main Arc Battle, Lincoln Episode, Tech Savvy Audiences


“What is it that makes us different?” According to Seth Gabel, that’s the question at the heart of his upcoming Lincoln Lee-driven installment on Fringe. See what else he had to say about the episode, the main arc battle with David Robert Jones, the love pentangle (say, what?), and the possibility of the show ending this season, below.

On the remaining seven episodes of Season 4 including the Lincoln-focused “Everything In Its Right Place“:

“The remaining [episodes] will air completely uninterrupted and we’re building up to this conflict with David Robert Jones [Jared Harris] and the two universes team up to fight this common enemy that continues to develop. There’s a love triangle with Peter, Lincoln and Olivia. Then you add Altliva and alt-Lincoln to the mix and they’re all vying for their different loves and also fighting to save each of their universes. There’s a lot of interaction and spending time in the alternate universes. There’s also going to be an episode where the two Lincoln’s have a conversation and talk about how we became different people. ‘I am who I am, and you are who you are, but something happened in the past that caused us to be different. What is it that makes us different?’”

On the possibility this might be the final season of Fringe:

“It sucks that it’s a possibility of it being the end. We all hate it. You look at the numbers and you can only imagine what Fox is feeling. There is a loyal fan base and it doesn’t drop below a certain number no matter what. People show up and watch it. You see how [the numbers] change when people watch it on DVR. People are sophisticated in how they watch the show and they don’t watch it live. This show appeals to people who are technology savvy and ahead of the curve. The problem is, the network doesn’t know how to monetize it yet.”

Obviously this interview was taken prior to Fringe dropping to a series low 0.9 in the coveted demo — a pattern the show doesn’t want to see develop during the fourth season’s final run. Hopeful fans will point to The Hunger Games and the lengthy lowatus as contributing factors, but this Friday should give a clearer ‘live viewing’ picture.

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  1. david says

    What the hell he is talking about? What love triangle? There are two people (Peter & Olivia) that are deeply in love with each other. So what’s the role of Lincoln in this relationship? The answer is NOTHING!! Is he an actor of a Fringe show in a parallel universe or something?

    Well-loved.: Thumb up 13

  2. JM says

    LOL if any of you are interested, i think it may be on the “full interview” if you click the link, or it may have been a different interview with him, where he is talking about filming 4.15 and he says that he and joel wyman did things that were “out of the script” and playing what lincoln is feeling for olivia throughout the episode, when he had one expression throughout, made me lmao for quite a while!

    Like: Thumb up 4

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