FRINGE: Secret Of The Observers Language Revealed

In case you missed it: In a recent video from FOX it was confirmed that the mysterious writing used by the Observers does not derive from the language of an ancient civilization.

Contrary to some fans theories, particularly those from the first season, the language was actually made up by Michael Cerveris, who plays everyone’s favorite Observer, September.

Fringe prop master Robert K. Smith explains the origins of the Observer language:

“[Michael Cerveris] used this notebook in the diner in [The Arrival]. From his notes in the book we extrapolated and made a language, now there’s actually a font you can get, we call it The Observer.”

Cerveris has himself spoken about the amount of say he had in building September’s character, which in turn set the template for the Observers in general.

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  1. WaySeeker says

    Not to be annoyingly repetitive or to sound impatient, just asking …. so, where is this font? I found a font made from the glyphs!

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  2. matt says

    Michael Cerveris has contributed so much to this show it’s ridiculous that he hasn’t got a creator/writer credit lol

    anyway, I don’t know how it can be a language or released as a font, didn’t Astrid say it couldn’t be one because the symbols never repeat and wasn’t it also implied in S1 that it’s a code not a language?

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    • matt says

      or maybe the code was something embedded for Walter with the atoms and their electrons/dots, but, we’ve still been told that it’s not a language in the typical sense because the symbols don;t repeat

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    • Alex says

      You probably already know this now, but for late-comers, in a far later episode it is explained that the symbols, even though they don’t repeat, mean multiple things, rather that just one.
      English is A=A, B=B…
      Observer, on the other hand, could be A=A, or A=B, while C=A and C=9 (I don’t know, I’m making these up, but that’s my understanding.)

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      • Corbbin says

        The language is actually like this:

        ABC = ABC in english, but for the observers, ABC could be (random character, which reprsents “ABC”). Walter bishop may be a combination of characters, like “wal” + “ter” + “bish” + “op”, but that does mean that the “op” in bishop would be the same for the “op” in operation. They did finally crack the code, but it was a bunch of characters combined to make one character.

        Maybe it’s like “abc” would be like “^do-<" ^ = the top of "a" and "d" = the bottom part of "a" + the side of "b", and "o" = the other side of "b" + c then minus the < o 😀

        abc =

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  3. Cmdr.Kerner says

    Hi guys,

    using the pictures above as a source I created such an Observer font. You can download it for free here:

    Note; This is just a beta version with some errors. Please tell me your honest comments before I upload this font on

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