FRINGE: Season 5 Summit Meeting Scheduled? [UPDATED]


[UPDATE: FOX has renewed Fringe for a fifth and final season]

More details on the Fringe season/series finale run have emerged, while reports now point to May Season 5 talks between the Fringe and FOX execs.

Earlier this week, Fringe showrunner J.H. Wyman tweeted that news of the show’s future could arrive this week — while that may be the case in some internal capacity, fans of the sci-fi serial are still waiting to know the show’s fate. According to Zap2It, the future of Fringe may be kept under wraps for another couple of weeks until the show’s bosses meet with FOX to pitch their plans for a fifth season:

The “Fringe” team will meet with FOX execs in the first week of May to pitch their plans for Season 5 — and to figure out whether it’s in FOX’s best interest, financially, to renew the series. They’ve already made it clear that the network has lost money airing “Fringe,” but there are still hopes that they can turn that minus into a plus.

While these talks may be a positive indicator for the show’s renewal hopes, fans will just have to sit tight and continue to brace themselves for official word to break.

Whether the latest ratings drop will have bearing on a potential fifth season remains to be seen. The popular thought is that it wont have much impact at this stage, but as always, there’s no such thing as a certainty in Hollywood where money is concerned, and even when there is, caution should be observed as standard.

UPDATE: Wyman has since tweeted that word on the show’s future might arrive tomorrow, Tuesday, April 17:

We might hear something tomorrow. I know you’re all anxious.

We’ll of course keep you updated.

Meanwhile, more from Thursday’s Television: Out of the Box exhibit, where Joshua Jackson teased the final string of Season 4 episodes, and the potential portal into season 5. In terms of additional tidbits, he implied that the Baby Henry saga is set to be resurrected in some form (“Letters Of Transit“?), and discussed the recontextualized Walter/Peter dynamic. You can find out what he had to say via the player below:

Source: Zap2It

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  1. Rick Terry says

    OK so here is what I got from that interview (reading between the lines). Baby Henry is Desmond, The future is a mish mash of timelines and universes collapsed together, thanks to DRJ (got that also from the promos we’ve seen). Season 5 will possibly be set in this future, if season 5 happens, meaning if Desmond doesn’t die in this upcoming episode then he may be in season 5 too. The rest of this season will be turned on its head after ep 19 and will be about preventing or changing this future.

    Apologies for not saying HIC, he will always be Desmond to me.

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    • says

      I think ‘Desmond’ is suitable considering the setting, at least for me it is.

      I like the direction you too this in, and I would back this type of play. There should be more Desmond on our TV screens anyway. Now you’ve got my wheels turning: Trade out Seth Gabel’s Lincoln, for Henry Ian Cusick as Agent Ford (or some other U.S. president’s last name) this past season and I would have followed this show down any “love triangle” [shudders]story arc rabbit hole. Yes, HIC could give Mr.Jackson a run for his money in the charisma department. I have digressed from my point, apologies.

      My point, is that a Season 5 that includes Desmond (as Desmond?) is *more* than fine by me. A Season 5, that is live action, and consists of AT LEAST 13 episodes would be even better!

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  2. David says

    Well I suppose if one could take a positive out of this news its this.
    That because of Fringe’s small but extremely loyal following (I’m one) the network does not want to risk the wrath of Fans by cancelling it at the last minute, but is willing to allow the show to wrap up the story and finish on its own terms, if the showrunners can convince them, that they can indeed wrap up the story by either a full 5th season (22 episode Best case) or at least a partial 5th season (13 – 15 episode) and I suppose at least Fox gets credit of that.
    Hoping for a positive result out of this meeting – can only be a win – win for both Cast, Crew, Fans and Network . Cast, Crew and Fans get a proper ending and the Network gets the accolades for allowing this to happen.

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  3. Dessy says

    This is lovely lovely news! I am *tentatively* very hopeful. Thank God, we’ll be put out of our misery tomorrow.
    Anyway, as for the Henry thing, I never thought it would be Henry Ian Cusick who’s Henry. I’m pretty sure Georgia Haig, who’s playing ‘Etta’ (Henrietta?) is Peter and Olivia’s baby GIRL in the future. Or maybe not.
    I’m going to love this episode. Here’s to hoping we watch it with the knowledge of a confirmed season 5 on our minds.

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    • Surun Tunne says

      so true! watching this episode without knowing that there will be a season 5 would be painful…

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  4. Underseer says

    This is like waiting for your kid in the dentist’s reception area. Is your kid going to come out skipping with a lollipop or is she going to be crying her eyes out?

    Goddammit. :(

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    • says

      What a great analogy.

      I am on pins and needles waiting for the answer to the universe(s) shattering question about whether we will get a Season 5. I am so hopeful that we will. I love this show, the characters and its cast.

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  5. The Observer says

    We will have to know soon, because there are only a few episodes left before the finale therefore even without an announcement we will know one way or the other.
    So many questions that I hope season 4 ‘Endgame will answer’;
    -who is Mr.X
    -In season 1 episode 4 whos the man trying to get the beacon
    -Will anybody else regain their memory
    -What is Jones trying to accomplish
    -Who does Jones work for
    -What else can cortexiphan do
    -What is Henry’s purpose in the storyline
    -What is the true nature of the observers

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  6. Edgesight says

    Season 5 premiere will be 9-21-12. If you doubt me look at the combination the Simon uses to get into Massive Dynamic. 😉

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  7. cortexifan says

    They got to know something. Otherwise how will they know which ending to use for the finale.
    Can we just know already. It’s killing me.
    Fringe Rocks! Best show on TV and episode 19 just proved that. JMO

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