FRINGE Season 5 Premiere Promo Reveals Terrifying Etta Moment [Screencaps Added]


On the heels of the Observer-centric teaser arrives this new Etta-focused promo for the Fringe Season 5 premiere.

The promo visits the moment when a young Etta was seemingly separated from her horrified parents, Olivia and Peter, by the Badservers — and offers a super-charged look at some frames from the premiere, “Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11”. Watch below:

In “Letters Of Transit” it was revealed that Etta was 4 years old the last time she saw her parents, so that seems to fall in line with what’s depicted in the above promo.

Good to see Fringe jumping around time to fill in the necessary blanks — and we should see more important details over the course of the final 13 episodes, with found footage also been mentioned as a means to add context to the main 2036 narrative.

For a closer look at the ‘Etta promo’, check out our screencap gallery:

Fringe Season 5 kicks off Friday, Sept. 28 on Fox.

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    • g33k says

      misssssneeeeeeetttteeee *waves hi excitedly*

      hope you’re well, hope this comment works! And I also, have always loved what you do with the screencaps Roco, thanks!

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  1. Jim says

    I hope they don’t use the slow-motion “EEEETTTTAAAA” in the actual episode. :p

    Other than that, great promo!

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  2. nathan says

    Lordy lordy am I looking forward to this season. *Hopes for a last season of awesomeness and ratings to match!*

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  3. says

    Roco, have the writers changed the title from“Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11″, to just “Etta.” That is the impression that I am left with.
    Anyway to clarify this ?

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    • says

      I haven’t heard anything about it changing, Betty. It’s still being promoted as “Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11” as recently as Friday’s “They Are Coming” promo (check the very end card on that video).

      That said, if I do hear different I’ll be sure to let you know.

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  4. YourPique says

    Honestly, the new young Etta footage looks like a very typical Fringe dream…it’s “too perfect” looking, kinda like the “perfect day” dream sequence from one of the early season 4 episodes (the Stephen Root episode).

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  5. AlyssaChey says

    I really can’t say to much as I stumbled on a web blog that showed filming shots of that episode. What I gather is its not Etta that gets taken but Olivia but that is pure speculation if I go with the pictures of the filming shots.

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