FRINGE: Season 5 Comic-Con Trailer BREAKDOWN


Fringe aired a new Season 5 trailer at Comic-Con last weekend. Originally used as a marketing tool to help secure the final season, the trail provides a preview of where the story is heading and contains some blink and you’ll miss them ‘clues’. Time for a quick breakdown then.

If you missed the trailer, here it is again for your observation:


“The following preview has been approved for all members of the resistance.”

“They came without warning”

Highlighted clip is that of the beacon’s arrival in “The Arrival” — our first real introduction to the Observers. Any significance or just a cool Observer-related clip to use?

An invasion of global proportions. The bald faced cheek of it all!

H: “No one is gonna save us, sister. The original Fringe team is DEAD! I bet all my Coffee Chews on it!”

H: “Um. I guess the coffee chews are on me..”

Past clips interwoven with Walter’s rescue from amber, underscoring the idea that “To save our future, we must look to the past”

A device to “get rid” of the Observers? Transilience Thought Unifier Model 11!?!?!?!

Heavy! Beacon! Action! Could the legendary Beacon be part of Fringe Division’s plan to combat the Badservers? It enabled September to find his way back on at least one occasion, could it help shut the door on the Badservers?

“Hai Da…”

“Sorry lady but I don’t know you..”


“NOPE! Don’t know ye..”



“Close enough. Hai Mom Dad!” *Glom*

P: “The past four seasons — alt. universes, timelines, hell, even molebaby — have just been preparation for what we face HERE, NOW!”

O: “She’s everything I ever hoped she’d become. And her hair is shinier than mine.”

P: “To be fair dear, you have been trapped in amber for the past 20 years.


(image from 4.08 given the amber edit treatment to explain Olivia’s whereabouts in 4.19)

O: “Good point. Now I remember why I love you.”

Heavy! Etta! Action! hidden in quick cuts

Nina: “They say he saved the world before..but not without great consequences.”

What does the final battle have in store for Walter? Will he lose it all again, or sacrifice himself for his worlds?

W: “I know what we need to do. I know how to rid our world of the Observers..”

A message…in time: “God knows I may come to regret this, but we need Bellie!”

WB: “You rang?”

P: “We need to keep those bald-headed b*stards occupied”

O: “Watcha have in mind?”

P: “I think it’s time we caused a few Fringe events of our own.”

O: “Oh, Petah!”

P: “After 20 years in amber..”

O: “Stop talking and Fringe me!”





O: “I crossed their love. Somehow, I never left”

Will Windmark and the Badservers have the last laugh?

P: “Today is the day for which we were created, we’re gonna finish what they stopped us from doing 20 years ago.”

The story concludes fall 2012

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  1. Penny Laine says

    “Stop talking and Fringe me” LOL.

    Cool trailer, it’s going to be an amazing last season!

    Like: Thumb up 2

  2. Adam says

    Thanks for the breakdown Roco! I appreciated the LOLs but for those (many) of us who can’t recognize every clip that’s been edited from episode 4.08 or that a quick shot of an explosion was from an episode four years ago, it would be really nice to know which of the clips we saw are actually new (and what we learn from them). Personally there are a couple I think I can tell are new (like the ones with Peter addressing Olivia/the group, and the television news clip about the invasion) but I also mistook some old clips for new ones, and I bet a lot of other fans did too. e.g. I thought the shot of Olivia in amber was actually a clip spoiling (rather than just teasing) where she is. Another example: I honestly have no clue which of the Bellie stuff is new (I think the clip of him with the gun is from the S2 finale, but Walter saying we need Bellie is new?). Clarifying more of these things would make this a much more useful breakdown.

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