FRINGE Season 5 Cast Photos Unveiled


Cast photos for the final season of Fringe have been unveiled. But do they excite or disappoint, and what, if any, clues do they hold?

Check out the cast photos below, click to enlarge (HT: Kyle):

This initial batch are some of the most neutral cast photos Fringe has released since the first season (though apparently they’re from the S4 shoot, ht Joan). The individual photos are notable for the fact that everyone appears to be smiling, even Nina has a trace of mild satisfaction on her face, I think. Overall, I find them quite pleasant without being overly exciting.

The group photo is the most interesting though, with the blue-cubed walls/floor and floating sphere containing (what I’d imagine are) shadowy Observers. Could that be a hint?

The final season begins, Sept. 28 on Fox

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  1. Jim says

    Yeah, they look like they are from season 4. Nina and Broyles would be older on the new photos, right?
    I think I do like these more than the ones they released last year!

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