FRINGE: Season 5 A Bridge Too Far For Seth Gabel’s Lincoln Lee


Seth Gabel will not return as a regular cast member in the fifth and final season of Fringe.

Sources confirmed to TV Line that Gabel, who portrays agent Lincoln Lee in the sci-fi serial, will not be back as a series regular.

This was always on the cards the moment the Bridge ‘linking’ the two universes was closed towards the end of the fourth season, with the bespeckled agent deciding to remain ‘over there’ to seek out new mysteries untold.

Gabel’s agent Lee was very much a divisive character, with many fans seeing him as an unnecessary and annoying distraction from the main characters, while his romantic entanglement with Olivia certainly didn’t help endear him to some.

Seemingly, the idea behind the Lincoln-focus was to help new (and perhaps veteran) viewers experience the new timeline through his burgeoning eyes — a move that perhaps wasn’t as successful as it might have been. It’s probably no coincidence that the character was left in the alt-universe.

According to the source, Gabel may return for an episode or two in the final 13-episode season — but for the most part, it’s Agent Lee, out.

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Source: TV LIne

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  1. mlj102 says

    I won’t really miss the character. I never disliked Lincoln as much as a lot of other fans have seemed to, but I didn’t necessarily like him, either. I didn’t think he made much of a difference to the show one way or another, and it did bother me that they occasionally seemed to be trying too hard to force the character on the audience and to get us to like him or sympathize for him when really I just felt nothing for him. I think his character was a disappointment more than anything. Having already known over there Lincoln (and I rather liked over there Lincoln as a character) he had the potential to be a really great character and a natural addition to over here. After meeting over there Lincoln, people really wanted to meet over here Lincoln and learn more about him and his story. And he was received pretty well in Season 3 Stowaway. But something about the way they maneuvered him into the story in Season 4 was just forced and he never seemed to have much purpose. I think it was unnecessary to kill over there Lincoln just so over here Lincoln could take his place. If they were trying to resolve the over here Lincoln character’s story and get rid of him as a recurring character, they could have come up with something better that didn’t depend on the death of over there Lincoln. I thought the whole plot development was unnecessary and shallow. So, no, I won’t miss seeing Lincoln, but I am sad that the character was ultimately a disappointment.

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    • Rick Terry says

      You beautifully articulated exactly how I feel about the situation. I made a similar comment to mine above over on the sister website to this one, and though it was well liked, I get the feeling that many “over there” wished I’d take a long walk off a short pier.

      You really did say exactly how I feel. I don’t hate the idea of the character as a person, but I didn’t like the way he was written, and acted. I really liked Over There Linc, and would fully go have a few beers with him after a long day of universe saving. On the other hand I’d avoid hanging out with our Linc, by any means necessary.

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