New FRINGE SEASON 4 TEASER: What Is Peter In 4?


Following on from the first Fringe Season 4 teaser, which we brought you first, another teasing image has been released – once again begging the question: Where Is Peter Bishop?

Hit the jump for our analysis and speculation.


  • The “4” (though it may also represent other things) is at the same angle as the first WIPB? teaser. Could be relevant – or not.
  • Braille. More translation further down.
  • The addition of braille may further imply something about sight – or Peter’s vision, perhaps?
  • A screen, or a window of sorts.
  • We’ve found Peter: slightly faded, but visible is the image of Peter from The Arrival scene that was in the first WIPB? teaser.

That last one might be slightly easier to see with the image rotated:

  • Here the braille translates to #4.

  • Here the braille reads “FV” or “from very”.

More orientations:

Interesting little tease. I’d be lying if I said the above image doesn’t somewhat remind me of the holographic-y Willie Bellie from “Brown Betty”, though I’m not sure that’s what they’re getting at.

My main take-away (other than the braille translation), is the as last time – perspective. Depending on how we look at the picture, we may see or interpret it differently. But how long it last?

Feel free to add any perspectives to the melting pot.

Source: Ari Margolis.

Fringe returns with its fourth season on Friday, September 23rd on FOX

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    • mlj102 says

      I was thinking the same thing. It seems logical that if the 4 is still backwards in the picture, then we would need to flip the entire image in order to get the accurate orientation (or perspective) for the braille as well. Number 4 seems like a reasonable message to convey at this point.

      Now that I look at it like that, rather than being some sort of window, it actually looks more like a close up of a button of some sort, like on an elevator or a telephone. Or maybe a sign outside a door that says the room number. I remember he posted a similar picture of the close up of the number four on a keyboard a while back. That Ari Margolis is tricky!

      I am rather intrigued by the use of braille. From what I remember, they used that quite a lot for promotional images in Season 1 and a little bit of Season 2… Could it be that they’re actually going to reveal some significance or some connection this season? Or it could just be that Ari Margolis just thinks it’s neat and mysterious and likes to incorporate it into his work…

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    • matt says

      It seems like the 4th season will have a lot in common with that fourth episode. I wonder if that was planned from the beginning.

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      • ash says

        It would be great to get more information about the beacon and The Arrival. I say it was planned, just like the Amber in the bus in the beginning of season 1, the accelerated pregnancy and Peter’s statement about bringing anything mechanical back to life.

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  1. says

    I Googled the Braille signs and the first is a “f” and the second a “v” in “normal” …. If I use the cantonese version the first one is an “f” and the second “ou”…. So maybe they wanna say in braille four????

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  2. Residents Fan says

    Interesting that the image is from “The Arrival”. Maybe S4 will see the return
    of the Beacon and/or an explanation of who John Mosley was.

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  3. Whiskers says

    It’s interesting that you mentioned the animated Bell. We saw the animated Bell, besides in “Brown Betty”, in “Lysergic Acid Diethylamide”…IN OLIVIA’S MIND. Perhaps Olivia will be the one to remember Peter.

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  4. hamlet says

    Anybody else see Peter’s eyes on the top when the braille is in the right orientation to read “number four”? (see Sunny’s and mlj’s posts) I don’t know whether that’s common or not; I haven’t looked at too many teasers. Just thought I’d mention it. But, if you flip the “Where is Peter?Bishop” teaser, it doesn’t really look like anything besides “Where is Peter?Bishop” going down and crossing a four. Maybe the question mark is the Little/Big Dipper?

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  5. Blind says

    has anyone figured out what frame of the “where is peter bishop: strange things” video this image was taken from? There might be a significance w/ the time number for that frame.

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  6. qbanarik says

    Not sure why the picture has been rotated/flipped every which way except for the correct one?

    Peter’s image is the stretched out version of

    The Braille is only the number 4. This looks like the plaques that are by elevator doors indicating the floor#. I am just too lazy to go check each episode an elevator is featured to see if I spot where the image was taken from because there are too many; however the most prominent one is “Power Hungry”.

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  7. WaySeeker says

    The white 4 shape reminds me of the ceiling of MD (see the end of the pilot).
    But lately I looked at it again and it looks like a PATH.
    It could be a loop, with the path going from left to right, then that’s the future which is terrible so they have to re-enter the beginning of the loop to try again so that’s the / and | path. Then Petah crashed the future, and he got sent back, and at the beginning of the $ is a + where they go UP the + to a new path and Petha goes flinging of to the left of the + to blink out of existence.

    four also makes me think of b4, 4-knowledge/-warning etc.

    I think it is interesting that if that IS braille for 4 because braille is for those who cannot see and Petah blinked out of existence and they don’t “see” him anymore.

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  8. Mike Mike says

    It looks like a #4 button of sometime that has been blown up a lot. That would explain the braille.

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