FRINGE: Season 4 DVD Back Cover Art Online


Back in June we told you about the September 4 arrival of Fringe: The Complete Fourth Season on DVD and Blu-ray and gave you a look at the cover art. Now, for those who want to know what the reverse looks like, we’ve got that for you too.

Check out the synopsis below followed by the back cover art and another look at the front:

WARNING: if you’ve yet to watch Season 4, you might want to avoid the following for SPOILERS!

“Who are you? After sacrificing himself to save both worlds, Peter mysteriously returns to ours. But he has been forgotten — by Olivia, by Walter, by everyone. It’s as if he never existed. At the same time, shapeshifters controlled by an unknown master begin an onslaught of destruction, and now the two former enemy universes must cooperate to identify a common foe. Fringe’s thrilling 22-episode fourth season continues the inspired series’ synthesis of astounding phenomena, baffling secrets and dramatic character-driven stories. And in this season, events may prove that the most powerful force in our universe — or theirs — is not a doomsday device, not a paranormal force, but human love.”

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