FRINGE Season 5 & Complete Series DVDs — Release Date, Cover Art, Pre-Order


The release date and cover art for Fringe The Final Season and Complete Series on DVD and Blu-ray have surfaced.

Both Fringe: The Final Season and Fringe: The Complete Series (Seasons 1-5) will release May 20, 2013, according to Amazon UK, with pre-order available now for UK residents. Check them out below:

Fringe The Final Season DVD & Blu-Ray



Fringe – The Complete Series – Seasons 1-5



While the box art might change, I much prefer the Complete Series design, but perhaps that’s just me.

We’ll let you know when the above sets are available on Amazon US.

Thanks to everyone who sent in the heads-up.

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  1. Scott Jenkins says

    Both boxsets have pretty cool designs!
    But why so long until release!? D: Even though I don’t really plan on buying the boxset, I still feel like May is a long way to go if I decide to buy. If the show has as great and ending as everyone involved is saying, I might think about investing in the boxset. Otherwise, I’ll just wait for Netflix instant queue to get the show so I can watch the first three seasons again.

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