FRINGE Returns To Comics With Beyond The Fringe, Joshua Jackson To Write


Fringe returns with a fourth season this Friday on FOX, but it also returns with a brand new comic series — “Beyond The Fringe” — with Joshua Jackson making his comic writing debut

Beyond The Fringe” is a 14-chapter digital tie-in the to TV series, with Joshua Jackson writing a story arc titled “Peter and the Machine.” More details from Newsarama:

The series is scheduled for 14 chapters, with the first installment available now through DC’s iOS apps for 99 cents. Subsequent issues will be released every two weeks. Chapters will be broken into “A” and “B” sections, with the “A” parts tied into Fringe canon, and the “B” stories acting as a “what if?” Jackson, making his comic book writing debut, will write “Peter and the Machine,” an arc told in the first three “A” issues.

As mentioned above, the first issue is available now. You can get it at for 99 cents. New issues will land every two weeks and will toggle between “A” and “B” storylines. The former will apparently explore the show’s unventured mythology, and the latter delves into “what if?” tales.

Jackson’s three-part “A” arc, “Peter and the Boom-Boom-Machine,” takes place between the events of the season 3 finale and the upcoming season 4 premiere.

Take a look at the scans below and see if it provides any clues on Peter’s whereabouts after going all vanishing act:

Peter back in time, makes some scribbles for Sam Weiss to find?

First People…press the BBM button. Button bad. Press the button.

via: EW

Will you be going Beyond The Fringe?

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  1. matt says

    as I’ve tried to call attention to many times, the first story arc “Peter & The Machine” is now available in print at your local comic book store!

    and now having read it if I may say so it is great. Josh did a great job writing it, kinda weird that he’s writing important pieces of the story, I figured that either they had the story conceptualized and he just wrote the comic book or they gave him some hints as to where to go or something, but either way it’s a good read.

    AND they used my ‘peter in a cage of light’ idea that I fielded for how season 4 was going to open back on fringe bloggers a while ago! so stoked!

    Like: Thumb up 1

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