FRINGE Renewed For 13-Episode Fifth (and final) Season


It’s the news Fringies in all timelines have been hoping for: Fringe has been renewed for a fifth season.

Fringe showrunner J.H. Wyman broke the news on Twitter a few minutes ago, confirming:

OFFICIALLY PICKED UP FOR 13 EPISODES! Our team thanks FOX/WB and our INCREDIBLE fans for their support. JHW/JP/AG

He also posted a link to this ready-made Season 5 teaser which removes any doubt that the upcoming fifth season is set to be the sci-fi serial’s final season:

“Today is the day for which we were created..” — Peter Bishop

Fringe fans will no doubt rejoice that the show will get to continue for another (albeit ) shortened season, especially with the relative ‘uncertainty’ surrounding the conclusion to the current fourth season in which two endings have been filmed in preparation for renewal or cancellation.

On the other hand, many will see it as bittersweet, with the end to a compelling journey now fixed on the horizon, while others will be disappointed at the show not receiving a full 22-episode pickup (which was always unlikely).

However, perhaps the best aspect of this news is that Fringe will get to end (pretty much) on its own terms. For a serial so often under fire from the ratings dragon, that’s no mean feat. In addition to the remaining episodes of this season, the show now has 13 episodes to make every one of those episodes count to producing a satisfying and authentic conclusion to the story.

As for the direction of Season 5, last week’s future-fighting installment “Letters Of Transit” offers some indication, while the resolution (or what have you) of the arc of Jones *swoon* will make things all the more clear in the next few episodes.

More on the Fringe Season 5 renewal — and the fate of Alcatraz, I’m sure — coming in the days and weeks ahead.

Source: JWFringe | HT Nick

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  1. lost_stef says

    BEST DAY EVER PEOPLE!!!!!! im so exicted and i just cant hide im about to loose control and i think i like it!!!!!!


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  2. says

    For fans of Fringe, we’ve spent the end of every season with bated breath. Sure, would i have loved to hear a full season order, but that’s because i love this show. I am THRILLED that we get a 13 episode S5, and that everybody has the time to close out this leg of our journey. (now that’s a real “love letter to the fans”)

    Season 5 indicator from ‘Letters of Transit’: No Lincoln. With 13 episodes to finish our journey, that is one way to ensure there will be no distractions, no wasted dialogue.

    Well-loved.: Thumb up 13

    • Jim says

      I’m not sure they are. In ”Over There” Walter tells the Cortexiphan’d people ”Today is the day for which you were created”. I think Peter will say those lines in the next episode. :)

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  3. Kira says

    I’m happy 😀 and sad :( because I wanted Fringe for many years to come or at least 8.
    But today is a good day and tomorrow will be a Fringe Friday. :cheers:

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    • willg says

      Definitely a dichotomy of happiness of renewal and sadness of knowing it will end. The impending ending has not really hit me yet. I am just excited for the renewal. Sadness won’t hit until we come close to the end. No more dwelling on that. Fringe is renewed……AWESOME!!!!!

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  4. Belle says

    *Happy dance*

    YES!!!!!! I am SOOO glad they will have the chance to finish it out on their terms, and hopefully wrap up the story. :)

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  5. lilli says

    so.damn.happy. And ready to cry for the end. Gonna purchase all seasons in dvd now. Best show ever, and always will be.

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  6. Bobibblesackin says

    Ive been a fan of this show AND blog since the very beginning. I lost my interest in Season 3 after I felt the audience was cheated with the fact that the entire show was somehow contingent from the start upon Peter and Olivia’s “Love”. I have since returned/caught up with the show and Im extremely pleased with season 4 as whole. I feel the writers sat down and came to terms with the fact that they threw away, of sorts, MANY of the sub plots and antagonists that helped form this to be the incredible series It once was. I also feel they have made valiant efforts to repay the true fans with what we truly deserve. (ie Jones’ return and MD’s continued exploration/motives ect..)

    Rocco, as Im sure you know, Ive been around since the start. Thank you for all the effort you have put into this page and keeping us all up to date and engaged. After this site/series is over, I will surely continue to follow loyally.

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    • says

      I would like to thank the studios for making a deal, Mr. Kevin Reilly in person, for being a great executive and listening more to the fans than those dreaded Nielsen ratings. I would like to congretulate the entire cast and crew working on Fringe in one way or another and for giving us the best drama on television.
      And i would like to thank Roco for giving us fans a platform to discuss our favorite tv-series.
      Finally, i would like to thank ALL OF US. The fans, worldwide. We believed in Fringe from day one. We supported the show from day one. We did the impossible, not once, but twice: shouting for renewal and pointing out that a great series is no longer influenced by television alone, but by crossmedia platforms like reruns, dvd-sales, online watching or dvr.
      We showed as Fringies that with good solid arguements no Nielsen power can stop us (must be a Jones device) and that quality will win from populism in the form of ratings.

      Hooray for all of us. Cheers!!

      Well-loved.: Thumb up 11

  7. AstralCar says

    I’m kind of happy about the fewer episodes: maybe the writers will finally stop spending time on pointless storylines (and I mean “Soul Magnets” or “Weaponized Peter” among others…) and keep focused on our characters and their stories.


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    • Bischof says

      Indeed. Fringe would have been 10 times better with less room to wander pointlessly on tangential storylines that never got anywhere or filler episodes (Mole-baby anyone?)

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  8. Tallulah says


    What everyone else has already said.

    But also, John was right. Fringe fans are the best ever. I am dead serious. We rock.

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